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Get Started with Google Ads: Write Great Text Ads

So you’ve picked some keywords from the keyword planner, and you’ve learned how campaigns, ad groups, and keywords work together. Remember: a campaign is a set of ad groups, and an ad group is a set of keywords and ads. To start showing ads for your campaign, you’ll need to write ads that are associated… Read More »

How to Create a Digital Product That Generates at Least $100,000 a Month | AWasia 2016

How are you guys doing? Awesome, so how many of you guys here have ever created a digital product and sold it online? Well, I have some good news for you and some bad news. Which do you guys want first? The bad news is, what I’m gonna teach you requires you to do some… Read More »

Is Google Really Calling My Business? | SEO Scam Alert

Bryan, so I get these calls on a pretty regular basis from somebody saying they’re from Google and they mentioned that they can get me the top search rank . What do you think about that? Okay, so you got a call from someone from Google. Google does not call people. Listen only if you’re… Read More »

Google Adwords PPC Interview Questions & Answers 2019

Google Adwords PPC Interview Questions & Answers 2019

What is PPC? An Introduction to Pay Per Click Marketing

Hi. I’m Sam Stratton, the Digital Marketing Director here at Koozai. Today I am going to be giving you an introduction into pay-per-click advertising. There are a lot of people out there that aren’t too sure or familiar of the different kinds of advertising that you can do on the Internet, and paid search is… Read More »

Dominate Search Engines, Sell More | AWeurope 2018

Hi, y’all! How’s it going? Good! So let’s talk about SEO. It’s what I do. It’s what I love and you’re like, “Hold on. You said you’re an app developer. What are you talking about?” Cool story. We have an SEO app. We have a lot of users for SEO apps. So it’s basically my… Read More »

YouTube Insights Hangout On Air | YouTube Advertisers

Tara: Hi everyone. My name is Tara Walpert Levy. I am the managing director of Ads Marketing for Google, and I’m thrilled to be here for the first ever YouTube insights hangout. The goal of the next hour is to bring to life many of the findings from our recent YouTube insights report, which is… Read More »

5 Tips For Increasing Your Google Adwords Quality Score | Save Money on Your PPC Ads

– Google’s worth well over $500 or $600 billion. Why? It’s because everyone is clicking on Google AdWords ads. When you do a Google search, what do you see at the top? It’s a ad. You get in there by paying Google through their service called Google AdWords. Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel, and today… Read More »

Best SEO Podcast 320 – A 15 Point Checklist for Publishing Content

2016-04-29 Podcast 320 Chris: Hi and welcome to the SEO Podcast Unknown Secrets of Internet Marketing. My name is Chris Burres, owner of eWebResults. Chuck: I am Charles Lewis, your Client Results Advocate. Chris: Welcome back to another fun-filled edition of our podcast, this is podcast number 320. Chuck: 320. I don’t know how to… Read More »