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Marketing plan: The story of Edwin Z Ingleton, ice-creamillionaire.

This is Edwin Z Ingleton. Edwin is an ice-cream tycoon. He made his money selling ice-creams to people who wanted to buy ice-creams. His story starts NOW. Edwin’s first foray into ice-cream could not be deemed a success. For some reason his customers didn’t enjoy his flavours. Something was amiss. But Edwin was passionate about… Read More »

Waze Ads – Is Advertising on this Platform a Good Idea in 2018?

Should you be using Waze Advertising? The question is not obvious- If your customers are using Waze, or your prospects are using Wazes, then I would say yes, you should be using Waze advertising. However if they are not, then I really would not recommend it. They way you can figure that out is by… Read More »

Local Video SEO Marketing & Lead Generation

Own a Local Business? Then you need Local Customers! LocalCustomer.com is the solution. Your business MUST show up for the local keyword searches in your area. Our experts make this happen by optimizing the entire Google ecosystem. Local Customers will find you on the map, on Google+ and by watching your YouTube channel videos. We… Read More »

YouTube Strategist – Video Marketing – Chicago Video Production

Hello Chicago At Blue Sky Video Productions our marketing videos will help you reach your goals. Film Documentary Film Podcast Corporate / Celebrity Events Convert Leads into Sales Film Festivals Funny Commercials – Humor Red Carpet Events Our three key marketing tools are web videos elevator pitch videos and webcasts / podcasts Fashion & Style… Read More »

Can Embedding Videos on your Site Increase SEO? | Institution Marketing

So does embedding videos on your website help your SEO rankings. Well simple answer to this is no not specifically. End of the, day you can embed as many videos as you want on your website and it won’t have a direct impact. The main impact that you get is from the actual videos linking… Read More »

SEO (search engine optimization):: Good Morning Marketers:: thunder::tech (ep 102)

[MUSIC PLAYING] [APPLAUSE] Good morning, and welcome to Good Morning Marketers. Today’s topic is search engine optimization, or SEO. And today we have Andy and Christina, two marketing professionals that are here to talk with us about how you can boost your online web presence. Good morning. Thanks for coming, guys. Good morning. Thanks for… Read More »

SEO Website Assessment Services

SEO Website Assessment Services Your company website must remain functioning at top quality for continued marketing success. When you use our SEO Website Assessment Services, you stay on track for success. These valuable services give you a detailed look inside your website structure, with the end goal of improving and maintaining your ranking on major… Read More »