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Get Started with Google Ads: Write Great Text Ads

So you’ve picked some keywords from the keyword planner, and you’ve learned how campaigns, ad groups, and keywords work together. Remember: a campaign is a set of ad groups, and an ad group is a set of keywords and ads. To start showing ads for your campaign, you’ll need to write ads that are associated… Read More »

Sizzlin’ SEO with Amber Bracegirdle & Joshua Unseth | Mediavine Summer of Live

[MUSIC PLAYING] –body, welcome. We are back for another Thursday with “Summer of Live” at Mediavine. I am here with Amber Bracegirdle, on one of the co-hosts of the Theory of Content podcast. Amber, can you say hi? Hi, everyone. Yay, we are so excited, and we are working to get Josh Unseth in, we… Read More »