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The Divine Fury: Exorcise This! (Korea 2019) | Seo-joon Park | Horror

An MMA fighter discovers he is a stigmata. At the same time, a Vatican endorsed exorcist realises he needs more help in killing demons. When they meet, sparks fly! Not literal sparks – its not that kind of movie. This strangely well-liked-by-the-public and well-hated by critics movie clocks in at over 2 very long hours,… Read More »

Terminator: Dark Fate Trailer #1 (2019) | Movieclips Trailers

Talk. Talk fast. You first. My name is Sarah Connor. August 29th, 1997… Was supposed to be Judgment Day. But I changed the future. Saved three billion lives. Enough of a resume for you? No. You may have changed the future. But you didn’t change our fate. I know you’re scared. But I’m here to… Read More »

5 tips how to grow website traffic for business and nonprofits. Chris Dayley.

Если применять всю стратегию, что ты рассказал нам сегодня. Если у тебя есть опыт работы с некоммерческими организациями, будут ли эти советы работать у них? Да, конечно. В случае некоммерческих организаций также важны действия на сайте. Ты можешь хотеть, чтобы люди жертвовали, либо делились контентом сайта. Это будут твои цели. Получаем ли мы достаточно перепостов?… Read More »

Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: Post Launch & Season Pass Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

Hello, I’m Scott Phillips, game director on Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. From the beginning, we intended the release of the game to be just the beginning of our players odyssey. This year, our post-launch plans will give players more story content in a brand new episodic format. Similar to how you anticipate a TV show season… Read More »

Black Widow Teaser Trailer #1 (2020) | Movieclips Trailers

I used to have nothing. And then I got this job.. this family.. But nothing lasts forever Heard you had to leave in a hurry. It’s never easy these days. So what are you going to do? I’ve lived a lot of lives but I’m done running from my past. I know you’re out there.… Read More »

Top Gun: Maverick Comic-Con Trailer (2020) | Movieclips Trailers

Thirty-plus years of service. Combat medals. Citations. Only man to shoot down three enemy planes in the last forty years. Yet, you can’t get a promotion… …you won’t retire… …and despite your best efforts, you refuse to die. You should be, at least, a two-star admiral by now. Yet here you are… Captain. Why is… Read More »

[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP15 (2/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

Yes, sir. Hey! Joong-taik, long time no see! Hi! I heard that you have been to Brazil. Right? You haven’t changed at all! It’s been awhile. I heard that you caught the killer of the School Nurse case. Great job. I’m actually here to ask you something about that case. Yes, he briefed me on… Read More »

[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP12 (2/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

Finally Dae-goo is confronting him. The one who’s behind all this should be revealed clearly today, right? On the day of the incident, there were at least two people who visited my house. First visitor was the person who dropped the pendant. Second visitor was you, Jo Hyung-chul. We don’t know if the first visitor… Read More »

[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP09 (2/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

Ultimately, the cause of death was the want of filial piety. Good work. Good work. You all worked hard. Eat. Let’s eat. Thanks for the food. Yes, Mom. It’s me, Gook. Yes. Have you had lunch? Why haven’t you eaten yet? Mom, you know… I’m craving some pickled apricots. I haven’t had much appetite lately… Read More »

[CC/FULL] You’re All Surrounded EP17 (2/3) | 너희들은포위됐다

I couldn’t be a doctor anymore after that. Anyways, I didn’t really desire to be a doctor from the beginning, and I couldn’t handle it anymore. And I wanted to become a detective all of a sudden. I thought my brother will be able to forgive me if I become a detective. My brother always… Read More »