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Get SEO Clients – Proposal Sample Template (Converts 60-90%)

– What’s up, everybody? Welcome to another episode of 100 Days of SEO. My name is Brendan Hufford. I help SEO clients ranging from $90 million venture-backed startups to local window washers and real estate agents and interior designers. I’m so excited ’cause today I’m gonna share with you the proposal tactics that I used… Read More »

How to Get More Clients Without Cold Calling – John Doherty

– Hey there 100 Days Of SEO, my name is John Doherty. I’m the founder and CEO of GetCredo.com. Veteran SEO and digital marketer and you are watching 100Days Of SEO. (upbeat music) – What’s up everybody? Hope you enjoyed that Denver intro. I’m laughing cause I just recalled that when I wanted to confirm… Read More »

How to do SEO Keyword Research for WITHOUT Paid Tools (2019)

– What if I told you that keyword research as you know it is dead? I’m Brendan Hufford. Today on 100 Days of SEO, we’re gonna talk about keyword research for SEO. Is it dead? We’ll find out. Let’s do it, whoo! (easygoing jazz music) Don’t freak out. Keyword research for SEO isn’t dead. It’s… Read More »

Creating Website Architecture for SEO (2019)

– What’s happening, everybody? (laughing) I’m Brendon Hufford, welcome to 100 Days of SEO. Today we are talking about site architecture for SEO. Let’s get into it. (easygoing bluesy music) Alright, so here, real quick, we’re gonna hop into my computer it’s literally right over on the other side of the camera. We’re gonna hop… Read More »