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Sub) 타르트지의 기초 ! 파트슈크레로 베이직한 딸기타르트 만들기 : Strawberry Tart [만개의레시피]

Strawberry Tart Hello. Today I’m going to make (strawberry) tarts. Tart is a pie-like pastry that is made by putting flour dough into a mold and baking it with cream or chocolate fruit. Today I’m going to make a tart using a dough called Patsshucre. As in the name Passhucre, part means dough. Sucre means… Read More »

Sub) 초코시트에 초코가 듬뿍 들어간 초코크림케이크 : Chocolate Cream Cake ★ [만개의레시피]

[Kanashu] Put a portion of fresh cream in a pot, when the edges boil off, turn off the fire, pour in chocolate, mix well with a rubber spatula, put aside 40g of ganache for chocolate cream and leave it at room temperature. [Cake making] 100g of fresh cream for chocolate cream is whipped to 60%… Read More »