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[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 362-4] | Park Seo-joon & Kang Ha-neul ‘3 Answering Game’ (ENG SUB)

The answer has to make sense. It has to make some sense. – Are you ready? – Yes. Who are three female celebrities you’ve dated? Jun Ji Hyun. Jung Yu Mi and… – Gosh, I’m sorry. – Okay. (Kwang Soo wins with his smart question.) Gosh, I’m so sorry. (Splash) (The losing team member falls… Read More »

[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 362-2] | Park Seo-joon vs. Kang Ha-neul who wins!? (ENG SUB)

All right. I want expression. – It’s power. – Power. It’s about power. – Jong Kook has the upper hand. – He’s at an advantage. (Let me properly show you my charm.) (Which one of them will get to show off their power?) – He’s so handsome. – He’s right here. Seo Joon just picked… Read More »