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Let’s Eat2 Seo Hyun-jin& Lee Joo-seung, Tasty Seasonal food ‘house food’ food show! Let’s Eat 2 Ep6

Grandma -Huh? It’s the writer. If you didn’t eat dinner, come join us and then leave. Oh, it’s okay though. You said it was okay. Aigoo, I It’s okay. Come on in. It seems like you guys have gotten more comfortable with each other after seeing each other for a few days. Come in. Come… Read More »

MUKBANG 집밥! 통 스팸,계란후라이,선지해장국,흰밥,오징어 젓갈 먹방|KOREAN HOME FOOD الأرز المنزل Nhà gạo [SIO ASMR 시오]

Ham Put the ham in the air fryer. 25 minutes Let it go~🎵 Cooking oil Salt salted squid It smells really good. Everybody scream! Yangpyeong-style hangover soup rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr It’s exactly the same as the picture on the package cool That lump is a seonji.” (The blood of the cow solidified) Welsh onion Sometimes people ask… Read More »

[티비냥] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo Hyun Jin’s Break Up Mukbang in Silence | #Let’sEat2 | 150428 #02

[TV Meow] Why did you order so much? Aren’t you on a diet? It’s fine, it’s best to relieve stress by eating But if you suddenly eat this much, your stomach will be a bit shocked So I’ll eat it with you to save you from getting sick Wow, this isn’t just regular sweet and… Read More »

[티비냥] (ENG/SPA/IND) Yoon Doo Joon, Seo Hyun Jin Best Chicken Combination,, | #Let’sEat2 | 150427 #01

[TV Meow] Yes, they say you don’t even touch dogs when they’re eating I should just let him eat and then talk later You eat it I’m on a diet so I’m going to have the chicken breast Wow, thank you! One is spicy chili pepper, one is cheese You picked a good combination Unlike… Read More »

[티비냥] (ENG/SPA/IND) Yoon Doo Joon X Seo Hyun Jin Outdoor Samgyeopsal Mukbang #Let’sEat2 | 150511 #01

[TV Meow] No, I can’t… We have to wait for Sang Woo You should turn the meat What are you doing? You’re supposed to flip it once That’s for thin meat When the juice is centered within the thick meat like this You have to flip it to lock the juice inside, and make it… Read More »