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서인영(Seo In Young), 김희철(Kim Hee Chul) 기습 포옹에 심쿵! 천하의 희철도 ‘발그레♡’ 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 31회

Do you still feel awkward being with me? Not now. Oh, then till when did you feel awkward? You’re so shameless. (suspicious) !!!! WHAT is this, WHAT is this? (ahjummas being excited) This is my first time seeing her blushing! (blushing) Hey, someone please bring him a super big mic. He was constantly talking to… Read More »

서장훈(Seo Jang-hoon)에게 배신당한 JYP “YG의 다이아가 그렇게 좋더냐?♨” 아는 형님(knowing bros) 118회

Since we were drunk, I scored 8 points first I think he was angry about that. He grabbed the ball, Did he dunk? Did he push you with his body? He even dunked that time He tried his best to beat Jin Young That’s wrong How could you dunk like that when you’re just playing… Read More »

(ENG/SPA) Duos.. Can They Really Be Any Cuter?! P.O. ♥ Mino, Seo In Guk ♥ Hoya’s Bromance | Mix Clip

Salted mackerel! (Mino worried that he’ll break from character) Uh, what is it? (Welcome, friend!) What the, this is [email protected]#$%^ (1. Mino♥P.O.) (Facial Expression Evaluation Results) (Joy 30%, Happiness 30%, Sad 0%, Surprised 40%, Anger 0%, What is this? 4000%) (What is he doing here?) (HAPPY) (It’s nice to see you~) [Jae hyun] Is this… Read More »

트와이스(TWICE) 정연(Jeong Eon) 울린 서장훈(Seo Jang Hoon), 감히 여자를 울려? ‘수습불가’ 아는 형님(Knowing bros) 27회

(Candid camera by Ho-dong and Twice starts) (Creating the atmospher) “So you want to play against Mina to the last time?” (Sang-min complaining) “Why does she have to keep doing it?” (Exchanging sign with members) (Jeongyeon’s name brought up) “But because he doesn’t like Jeongyeon” Oh no no why would I not like her? (Got… Read More »