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Review Doctor Teacher Kim 2 Episode 23 24(IND/ENG)

The first part of the sombenim who saw the wojin profile yesterday invited all the Doldam Hospital staff to move to Mirae Hospital Next wojin and caenje were discussing the patient’s problem with malpractice which was operated on by his brother Enje Then I went somewhere but was stopped by Wojin, He says don’t go,… Read More »

Ruby Ring | 루비반지 EP.79 [SUB : ENG,CHN / 2014.07.10]

What is it? What is it, mom? You two… You two… You two… What is it? Do have something to tell us? Nevermind. Just go. We’re not going anywhere. You’re sick. We notified the office. Get out now. Both of you! Mom… Both of you, get out now! Both of you, get out right now!… Read More »

VIXX Ken X Nine Muses Kyungri. So hot! New couple from the shooting spot! [Oh my God TIP!]

The famous ‘concept-idol’ group in Korea, VIXX “Hello everyone~ I’m the cute main vocalist of VIXX, Ken!” “We worked together in a program while ago, and people said we had a good chemistry.” “We were asked so many times if we were dating back then, too.” “He treated me really well, like a brother.” “My… Read More »

The Behind Story of HWARANG [ENG/2016.12.26]

1,500 years ago, there were super stars who rocked Silla. A huge crowd of people followed them everywhere they went. They were Hwarang, men who are beautiful like flowers. The people of Silla went crazy for these first ever Korean idols. These men appeared in the heart of Seoul in 2016. The six men who… Read More »

내 절친을 따라하는 크리에이터가 나타났다|조아서 구독중 EP.06

Hey A-seo! Why are you so happy? Why do you keep hiccupping? Anyways. What is that? Sweet Honey gave it to me to eat! Give me a piece! What? No way. You’re being cheap. If you eat all of it, you’re going to become a pig! Wait… Maybe you’re already a pig. What did you… Read More »

조아서, 도티 회사에 들어가다?! (ENG SUB)|조아서 구독중 EP.01|🎉첫방 사수 이벤트🎉

(Live Channel JoaJoa Jo A-seo’s Live Broadcast!) (JoaJoa Jo A-seo Subscribe to channel) It’s JoaJoa Jo A-seo again! Now, I’m going to try to eat a five-person serving of black bean noodles in one minute. If I can do it, don’t forget to like and subscribe. Well then, let’s go! A minute has passed already?… Read More »