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서사무엘(Samuel Seo) | 추측 읽기

Hello, viewers of culture NEON. Nice to meet you. I’m Samuel Seo. [The Misfit] is the best album I’ve ever made. Yes, I’m absolutely sure. This album is the best album I’ve ever made and it has had the most ups and downs along the way. And it’s my most favorite album. I hope those… Read More »

[ENG sub] schoolrapper2 [8회] 배연서 – 이로한(Feat.ELO, Jessi)(Prod.Padi) @파이널 180413 EP.8

(feat. ELO, Jessi) by Yeon Seo BAE (WEBSTER B) Year of 2000, June 4th An ordinary boy from an ordinary family I’m here to talk about my life How my shabby life began somewhere in Gangneung of Gangwon-do The last name is BAE, the name is Yeon Seo It all started off with only my… Read More »

[ENG sub] schoolrapper2 [풀버전] 2학년 배연서 @학년별싸이퍼 full ver. 180223 EP.1

Cypher Full Length Video – Sophomore Yeon Seo BAE It’s the B bastard from Gangwon-do, Korea came back check the unpretty face keep the rhythm lay back My gun is AK but instead rap shoot bang bang Please point the gun to my enemies babe from KIFF CLAN I told you this is gamble Between… Read More »

[ENG sub] schoolrapper2 [2회/단독] 충격적인 만 18세의 무대! 배연서 @팀대표결정전 180302 EP.2

The next rapper is? Yeon Se BAE Look at his pants Shocking 18 years old Old School SWAGGu-ze Rapper Yeon Seo BAE I cam from Gangwondo, Gangreung and moved to Seoul two months ago Now living in Mapo I am Yeon Seo BAE, 18 From the last cypher stage Your fashion was a hit Noted… Read More »