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[#XKisses] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo In Guk♥Jung So Min Kissing Scenes | #TheSmileHasLeftYourEyes | #Diggle

(X-Rated Kisses) (An unexpected first kiss) (A sweet and affectionate bed scene) You’re not asleep? No I can’t sleep We don’t even have enough time to sleep (An unexpected kiss for Jung So Min) That’s it You should go I’m not going anywhere It doesn’t matter even if I leave I’m always going to come… Read More »

[#XKisses] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo Yea Ji Kissing Scenes Compilation♨ | #PotatoStar2013QR3 | #Diggle

[XKisses] I should get going now Okay Maybe later (garbage kiss) Are you okay? Clean this mess up already Just let it there It’s okay I’ll do it Why aren’t you coming? Bubble kiss, candy kiss… They’re all so fake Like some popular products made in dramas also inhumane Then what kind of kiss do… Read More »

[#XKisses] (ENG/SPA/IND) Park Seo Joon Kisses, Showing Off His Jawline♥ | #AWitch’sLove | #Diggle

Is there a brave man in the room? [X-Rated Kisses] (A Witch’s Love ‘Kiss Compilation②’) (Deep kiss from the first episode) Would you give me a chance? Wh..Why? I’m sorry, but I can’t do this She totally looks like an old lady up-close Stand still Who is this guy? My first kiss in 6 years… Read More »

[#AllTimePick] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo Hyun Jin K-Food Mukbang | #AnotherMissOh | #Diggle

Wow! [Bongsin’s CreatorPick] [Hyun Jin’s Eating Scenes for the Hungry] Hmm~ It’s true Pork belly is best when you’re craving it~ Now~ (Sound of pork belly sizzling) I’ll try something I’ve never done before (She’s packing quite a lot for the wrap) (Wow T_T Please add some garlic there) Here, just try it once Just… Read More »

[#AllTimePick] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo Hyun Jin Legendary Drunk Acting | #AnotherMissOh | #Diggle

(Bongsin’s CreatorPick) (Hyun Jin’s Drunken Frenzies) (Oopsies) Haeyoung! Are you alright? Ow, ow… You jerk! Why did you tell him? – Wait, wait… – Why did you tell Sangwoo? I’ll talk after you let me go… Come on We’ll put an end to this, Daeyoung I’m not Daeyoung… (She’s more startled than the dog) I’m… Read More »

[#AllTimePick] (ENG/SPA/IND) Eric ♥ Seo Hyun Jin When a Woman Likes a Man | #AnotherMissOh | #Diggle

Bastard What a loser I’m never calling him I’ll die first before I call him! [Bongsin’s CreatorPick] [What Girls Do When They Like Someone] It’s over if he doesn’t call me today! It’s really over! (…is what she says) (Startled) (Apparently, she’s been waiting a while) (But the disappointment is bigger if it’s not like… Read More »

[#Kisses] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo Eun Su♥Seo In Guk Kissing Scenes | #TheSmileHasLeftYourEyes | #Diggle

[X-Rated Kisses] This is my place (An amazing kisser’s passionate kiss) Bye Kim Moo Yeong, you never think of me, do you? I missed you For real? Yes Then… Is it okay if I like you? You have a boyfriend Well, Woo Sang is… (Kissing in secluded places)

(ENG/SPA) [#XKisses] Seo Joon ♥ Min Young Kiss Scenes | #What’sWrongwithSecretaryKim | #Diggle

When I was younger and lost in darkness, I’ve found the person who was by my side (Confession+Kiss=Success!) I’m not going to let her go this time There’s something I need to tell you What you saw is all a misunderstanding Why are you saying this to me… all of a sudden? Mr. Deputy Chairman,… Read More »