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서사무엘(Samuel Seo) | 추측 읽기

Hello, viewers of culture NEON. Nice to meet you. I’m Samuel Seo. [The Misfit] is the best album I’ve ever made. Yes, I’m absolutely sure. This album is the best album I’ve ever made and it has had the most ups and downs along the way. And it’s my most favorite album. I hope those… Read More »

[MV] GREE(그리) _ Ding Dong Ditch(벨튀) (Feat. Samuel Seo(서사무엘), GA EUN(가은))

Hey what’s your name I don’t know I’m so appreciate After smiling with your eyes You behind the mask Hey what’s wrong baby I don’t know On your hands Sharp Finger I’m hate Blood is gushing out Ouch I hope I’ll be on TV A fantasy is beautiful when it stays as a fantasy, dude… Read More »

[Interview] 서사무엘 Talks On His New Album ‘The Misfit’ (Samuel Seo)

Did you naturally come to accept the concept of ‘age’? I love it. I love getting older. It’s so nice, but you know, how can I explain this? I carefully thought back to my twenties. Now, looking back, nothing really seems memorable. There’s nothing left in my memory, and I don’t remember anything but what… Read More »

[MV] 서사무엘 (Samuel Seo) – Pain or Death [의사요한 OST Part.4 (Doctor John OST Part.4)]

You were going through your life, There was time to play Yesterday But the light in your eyes, did it start to fade? To fade away No way of going back To the way it used to be No way of going back For me No way of going back I took away your pain… Read More »

Pain Or Death – 서사무엘 Samuel Seo 의사 요한 Doctor John OST Part 4 (Eng/Rus)

Ты шёл по жизни Тогда было время поиграть Ещё вчера Но свет в твоих глазах Начал гаснуть Гаснуть Нет пути назад К тому, как было раньше Нет пути назад Для меня Нет пути назад Я убрал твою боль Свет твоих глаз погас О знал ли ты, ты, знал ли ты Ещё вчера Что потеряешь этот… Read More »