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삼성버전 인덕션? 카메라 성능에 몰빵한 삼성 갤럭시 S20 | S20+ | S20 Ultra 전모델 달라진점 살펴보기!

[This video contains an ad.] I’ll catch the culprit who hit my car and flew! ??? : That annoying bastard ??? : That bastard I caught you! I’ll catch you with a 100x zoom. [ITSub’s All it is here] [Electronics-lover ITSub’s All it is here] Hello! It’s ITSub. As Samsung’s new unpack has proceeded today… Read More »

Retro isn’t always cool | Samsung

Still not upgraded to SSD? Maybe you appreciate how pocket sized your HDD is Just like Nancy here That’s Hank, Nancy’s co-worker He takes care of everything Or are you like Kaden? Who loves to make the most of the slow loading times… …of his HDD Or maybe you’re like Kaden and Hank Who get… Read More »