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MELELEH NAMAKU DISEBUT PARK SEO JUN! Interview Casts dan Sutradara Film The Divine Fury!

PSJ: Hmm to be honest, it was all hard. PSJ: Every scene has its own reason why it was hard to film PSJ: The first one, PSJ: my very first appearance on this movie PSJ: the scene when I was introduced as MMA athlete. PSJ: I was very nervous back then. PSJ: The fact that… Read More »

[RUNNINGMAN THE LEGEND] [EP 362-2] | Park Seo-joon vs. Kang Ha-neul who wins!? (ENG SUB)

All right. I want expression. – It’s power. – Power. It’s about power. – Jong Kook has the upper hand. – He’s at an advantage. (Let me properly show you my charm.) (Which one of them will get to show off their power?) – He’s so handsome. – He’s right here. Seo Joon just picked… Read More »

【TVPP】Jung-Eum,Seo-Jun,Jun- Hee,Siwon- ‘She Was Pretty’, 정음, 서준, 준희, 시원 – 그.예 인터뷰 @Section TV

Today we are here for the hit MBC romantic comedy drama ‘She Was Pretty’. We are going to have a press conference with the main characters of the drama Please look forward to it. Today we have the 4 lead actors of the drama of ‘She Was Pretty’! Hello! Hello! Hello~ The sweet and thrilling… Read More »

[Official MV]비투비 BTOB(서은광,임현식,육성재) – 알듯 말듯해 Ambiguous [쌈,마이웨이OST Part.4]

(Fight My Way OST Part.4 ) – “Ambiguous” by BTOB (Eunkwang, Hyunsik, Sungjae) (Sungjae) It’s ambiguous, All I wanna do, All I wanna do Am I assuming things on my own? (Eunkwang) Your hesitant feelings, your ambiguous feelings, This ambiguous relationship we have between us Tell me now oh tell me now (Hyunsik) You make… Read More »