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MUKBANG 집밥! 통 스팸,계란후라이,선지해장국,흰밥,오징어 젓갈 먹방|KOREAN HOME FOOD الأرز المنزل Nhà gạo [SIO ASMR 시오]

Ham Put the ham in the air fryer. 25 minutes Let it go~🎵 Cooking oil Salt salted squid It smells really good. Everybody scream! Yangpyeong-style hangover soup rrrrrrrrrrrrrrr It’s exactly the same as the picture on the package cool That lump is a seonji.” (The blood of the cow solidified) Welsh onion Sometimes people ask… Read More »

[티비냥] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo Hyun Jin’s Break Up Mukbang in Silence | #Let’sEat2 | 150428 #02

[TV Meow] Why did you order so much? Aren’t you on a diet? It’s fine, it’s best to relieve stress by eating But if you suddenly eat this much, your stomach will be a bit shocked So I’ll eat it with you to save you from getting sick Wow, this isn’t just regular sweet and… Read More »