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(ENG/SPA/IND) [#GrandpasOverFlowers] Seo Jin’s Long Desired but Short Day of Freedom | #Diggle

(Seo Jin’s Freedom Compilation.zip) (Soon Jae makes a surprising offer…) Is the hotel close to the station? Are they close to each other? – Everything’s near the station – Luzerne is a very small city Then I just need a map! The two of us can find our way to the hotel (The two of… Read More »

[#WhatToWatch] (ENG/SPA/IND) Lee Seo Jin×Choi Ji Woo We Ship You,,♥ | #GrandpasOverFlowers | #Diggle

This is the head of Dubai’s tourism bureau called Choi Mi Hyang (Seo Jin is shy about their first meeting) It says Choi Mi Hyang here So I was wondering who it was (Seo Jin strikes up a conversation) It sounded like such a familiar name (Dimples are already under water) We wanted to brighten… Read More »