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[#WhatToWatch] (ENG/SPA/IND) Seo Jin Preparing for Tip to Berlin | #GrandpasOverFlower | #Diggle

(Porter Lee Seo Jin is pressured) Are you going to reserve the accomodation right now, or when? Prague? You said we’re going to Prague the day after tomorrow? So I should slowly start to I’m in a rush too! (Even without the pressure, I feel rushed) Then hurry up! Hurry (It’s not that I was… Read More »

[I Live Alone] 나 혼자 산다 – Seo kang jun, “Mother Says be careful the gambling, woman” 20160205

She’s here Kang Jun It’s been a long time – How have you been? – Good Have you noticed I lost weight? Yes, I can totally see that I know, I knew you would notice How did you lose weight? I only eat two meals a day Really? Seriously, did I lose weight? Yes, alot… Read More »