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[CC/FULL] Princess Prosecutor EP16 (3/3, FIN) | 검사프린세스

What shall I do with these babies? Doesn’t it seem like you’re really shopping? Click here. Now, it seems to be impossible even for you, right? That’s right. I’m even more excited when I shop here. You’re number seven. Seven? Hyeri… How can I buy all seven items at the same time? Choose the best… Read More »

[CC/FULL] Princess Prosecutor EP09 (3/3) | 검사프린세스

This is a method of cohabitation without invading her privacy. I liked this house because the owner always comes home late. However, I’ve lost 3 kg because of the food. This method will be the next century’s cohabiting method. The person financially off takes care of the housekeeping costs while the other person takes advantage… Read More »

[CC/FULL] Princess Prosecutor EP14 (3/3) | 검사프린세스

Why are these pictures all like this? I should’ve taken more pictures of him… Aren’t you Prosecutor Ma? You’re so incorrigible… You surprised me. Do you like me this much? Excuse me? Weren’t you taking my picture? Why did you copy me? It’s not like that. That’s right. You don’t have my pictures. I have… Read More »