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[ENG sub] schoolrapper2 [8회] 배연서 – 이로한(Feat.ELO, Jessi)(Prod.Padi) @파이널 180413 EP.8

(feat. ELO, Jessi) by Yeon Seo BAE (WEBSTER B) Year of 2000, June 4th An ordinary boy from an ordinary family I’m here to talk about my life How my shabby life began somewhere in Gangneung of Gangwon-do The last name is BAE, the name is Yeon Seo It all started off with only my… Read More »

[ENG sub] schoolrapper 3 [2회] 더콰이엇?스윙스?→다음은 나 서민규 @팀대표선발전 180301 EP.2

The real me that I want to show the world is Seo Min Kyu who has small but clear dreams The dreams I had were Getting 100 followers on my social media account Going to a live performance Upgrading my equipment etc. And going onwas one of them That’s why I’m standing here today That’s… Read More »