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By | August 11, 2019

Hi there guys, it’s Dan from FatRank again,
and on this video, our aim is to present our wide variety of online marketing and SEO work
we can offer within Swansea and the south coast of Wales. As you guys know, Swansea
is one of the largest cities in Wales, and as a by-product of this, there are thousands
of businesses scattered around this area. These organisations obviously have to compete
to keep business booming, and this more than usually means there’s some form of search
engine optimisation that needs doing on these websites. The problem many of our Swansea clients are
faced prior to working with us is that the time and knowledge required to carry out these
works on top of running their existing firm is quite a lot. That’s why people come to
us because we’ll take that pressure off of you completely. Our specialist digital marketing
team have worked closely in various niches located across South Wales, so there’s nothing
FatRank can’t do to improve your level of inquiries. The services we do provide for
this thing can vary, but it’s important to know we’ll focus solely on the marketing you
need not the marketing you don’t. We understand what it takes to rank your site,
so leave it to us to get the job done right. Essentially, our main aim is to build up your
brand’s authority online, and we can discuss the ways that we feel are best to do this
during the inquiry stage. Over the years, FatRank has become an authority within the
area of Swansea and is even being recognised in Google for some of these terms, SEO worked
for my business Swansea, greatest Wales company for outsourcing marketing, agencies in Swansea
for search engine optimisation, digital marketing providers located in Swansea, white hat digital
agency for SEO Swansea and lots, lots more. So to conclude, with Swansea being such a
competitive area in the United Kingdom, it is crucial to work with a company that understands
the area and what it takes to rank in it. Here at FatRank, we can ensure we check all
of these boxes, so why not inquire today? Check out our site in the description and
feel free to get in contact. Thanks a lot for watching, guys and I’ll see you guys later.

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