SUNY New Paltz – What Will You Become? – Jesse Hicks

By | September 2, 2019

When you come into the School of Business be
prepared because this is going to be an experience that
you’re gonna cherish for a lifetime. Its not just learning, it’s, it’s learning
by doing, it’s being able to apply what you’re learning
in a classroom to the real world. My name is Jess Hicks. I’m a business
management major here at SUNY New Paltz. My average day starts with me waking up
then I head down to the School of Business. I usually check up on a few things for
the American Marketing Association before I head back to whatever event may
be taking place or meeting, like today, to see Dragon Search
Marketing. It’s firm in Kingston, New York that
focuses on SEO and digital marketing industry. The American Marketing
Association organized them to come and speak to our students about some of the opportunities that are found in the digital marketing world. I’m involved with many extracurricular
activities, but the one I cherish probably the most
has to be the American Marketing Association’s chapter here at the School of
Business. I absolutely love the faculty here at New Paltz. We’ve got a lot of faculty that have
spent years in business and that makes a big difference in
terms of what the facuty bring into the classroom. I’m professor Ted Clark. I teach both Marketing and and Strategic
Management at the college. This is my 30th year and it certainly has been a wonderful opportunity for me. Professor Clark has been my professor and my advisor since I started school. I met him several years ago when he was a student
at Ulster Community College and we were very impressed with Jesse, so that as soon as he transferred to SUNY New Paltz I recruited
him for the board for the American Marketing Association. This year we’re actually fortunate enough to have
nominated him and he’s had, he will be received the Lifetime
Faculty Advisor Award at this year’s International Collegiate
Conference in New Orleans. So that’s, that’s a huge accomplishment not many schools can say that about
their advisers. We founded the collegiate chapter in 1987 but eventually they became under the top 25
chapters. Last year they, they vaulted into the
position of being one of the top eight chapters in the country. The reason this is so significant is that we’re the smallest chapter to ever have
reached that level, we’re the only SUNY school that’s ever
reached that level and with the smallest chapter in terms
of membership to accomplish that… That’s the kind of quality we have here to
offer at the School of Business. It’s a degree and an education in the School of Business and the professors here sure demonstrate that

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