Sunny HQ Smart Managed WordPress Services & Support

By | November 22, 2019

– Hi, my name is Dylan Bost, and this is Sunny HQ. Sunny HQ is a place where
WordPress websites shine and companies get back to
focusing on their business. Our service is hands-off completely, and includes Enterprise
hosting, WordPress maintenance and 24/7 support by WordPress experts, all of this at a fraction of what it would cost you in house. We know running a website
is very confusing. Between your designer,
developer, web host, and other service providers,
you never know who to contact or reach out to when something’s
wrong with your website. That’s why with Sunny HQ, you’ve got a single point of contact. This single point manages
and maintains your site, supports you on a regular basis, and makes sure that your site is running optimally 100% of the time. On top of that, our customers
know they can reach out to us anytime they need help with their website. Need a hand updating content? What’s the best way to
launch an e-newsletter? Trying to figure out what plugins to use, or just trying to get started with SEO? These are a few things that we help our customers with every single day. So check out our plans,
or just contact us, and we’ll have your
site shining in no time. (upbeat instrumental music)

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