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By | November 16, 2019

What’s the secret to getting YouTube to
promoting your videos and putting them in the suggested video column?
-Yeah. That’s we’re going to talk about. We talk a lot about search. But I know how
to get you in the suggested videos. -You’re going to want to stick around. -Suggested videos –you’re watching a video
right here and then along the side, there’s all these suggested or
recommendations of videos you should watch next. How do you show up there?
-Right. -So, let’s talk about search first because if you focus on that strategy,
that’ll actually help you show up here. So, I have an AMP strategy. That’s my
acronym. AMP the result. Automatic Magnetic and Perpetual, okay? So, if you
follow… And I have videos that go a whole video just on this strategy if you
want to go into more depth. But I’ll summarize it here. You want your videos
to be marketed to your target audience automatically, it’ll magnetically attract
the people that are looking to buy your services. And that will perpetually
continue to work. They’re not going to fade off and go into the darkness.
They’re going to continue. Years from now, people are still going to be
watching these videos. So, that’s the result that you want. And to get those
three results of AMP, you need 3 ingredients. So, you want your videos to
be searchable, you want your videos to be specific. And you want to have your
videos be engaging. Okay? -Okay. -So, searchable, we talked a lot about keyword
research –how to get your videos to rank on YouTube. Watch the other vision other
video. We’ll link to it up right there. -Yeah. There it is. -So, you know how to make your videos searchable. And we’ve also talked about the specific. Okay, your
video you want a longer title that needs a lot more specific… And then you want
your videos to be engaging, okay? Now, engaging, you can actually track that. I
mean you can say, “Yeah, I’ve got to be entertaining. I’ve got to be lively in my
video.” But you can actually go into the YouTube analytics and you can check to
see when are people dropping off. Right. -Okay. The retention of the viewership. -So,
that’s the retention rate. So, let me just finish the search portion of
this by saying that if you follow those three ingredients, you’ll… That’s what you
do to get those AMPed results. Which means that’s what you do to show up in
search. And we have another video on how to get ranked in within 24 hours. So, if
you do that and then you have a high retention rate then here’s all you have
to do: You have to have daily videos for 4 months. -Every video, every day for
4 straight months. Now, does that include weekends? -I call five videos a
week or more, daily. -Okay. -So, 5 or more videos per week
daily for 4 months. -So, 20 videos a month? For 4 months? -Right. -And there’s
people that have done 20 videos a month for 4 months and not gotten those
results. -And why is that? -It’s because they don’t use… They don’t create the
videos with the AMP strategy and they don’t have… They have a bad retention
rate. So, you want a retention rate of 50% or higher 45% or higher.
Meaning, if you’ve got it.. We’ll just say 10 minutes. That makes the math easy.
-They’ve made it at least 4 and a half minutes. -Yeah. So, on average, people are
watching 4 and a half minutes of your 10 minute video. And so, if people are
dropping off at 2, some people are dropping off it that’s 6, you want your
average to come in at 45% or higher. And then you do that for four
months, then YouTube will start to show your videos in the suggested videos on
the side. And you’ll start to have a video… And that YouTube usually just
picks one video at a time. They’ll just “Oop! We’re going to take this
video. It’s one of your better performing videos. We’re going to start suggesting this
to people that are watching other channels.” And you’ll just start to see
that videos spike. -Now, is that… Now, that number and the length of time, is
that something that you’ve extrapolated yourself from your own experiences? Or It’s something you’ve dug around and found Facebook or YouTube at 45%
retention for 4 straight months, they’ll start making you a suggest video? -Great question. So, we happen on my channel the first time. And it was on
4 months to the day. And I thought “Ooh! This is kind of interesting.” And we had a
spike and followed by another big spike and a huge spike. Things started going
crazy. And so then I was talking to Derral Eve’s. Many of you know, he’s a
great YouTube guru. And he said, “Yeah that’s actually pretty common.” Something
that the YouTube algorithm, magic happens around the 100 day to 4 month
mark. I started tracking those stats on other channels. And we had
another channel do that. And it was, it was a little bit shy about 3 and a
half months that that exact thing happened. -So now, is that happening
because at the 4 month mark, they’re putting it as a suggestive video? In
other words, is it an if A then B? And I guess what I’m hearing is,
is the minute it becomes a suggested video, that’s when the peaks occur? It’s
not just a native thing to it being out there for 4 months that suddenly, all
these people are watching it. -YouTube must… YouTube must have something in
their algorithm that requires consistency that wants to make sure
you’re in it for the long haul or something like that. I mean, if you’ve
gone daily for 4 months, that’s a pretty long track record. YouTube wants
to promote channels that are going to continue creating content long term. I
mean, they’ll tell say stuff like then. You just kind of have to, “Okay, that makes
sense of why this is happening.” -Yeah. -So, because there’s plenty of channels that
will have a strong strategy. They’ll go daily 30 days of videos and
then you never hear from them again. So, maybe the algorithm is set at 4
months for that reason because, “Okay, that’s a bit longer. We could expect that
they’re going to continue.” That’s just an assumption. That’s just a guess
there. But it really has worked. So, we had another Channel. I followed the exact
formula. It was getting a good retention rate. And man, that channel has
taken off. But it didn’t happen until we got. In that case, it was 3 and a half
months. Now, I will say that I have another channel that we did follow that
strategy. But we’ve had a struggle with the retention rate. We were
down around… I think it was a 19% retention rate. Just the topics
weren’t engaging enough. People were really dropping off. And we got to the
four month mark and we haven’t seen it… We haven’t seen it take off. We’ve really
been focusing on making the video a lot more engaging. Keeping people
entertained longer. And we’ve seen some improvements there and so yeah, we’re
going to see… -Is it possible then that if you do a shorter length video and you
have to get 45% retention, that that may work in your favor? Because
45% of 3 minutes is only a minute and a half. -Well, I can talk confidently
about what I’ve experienced. And I haven’t done a whole lot of shorter
videos like that. -Right. -So we’re going to do some. We’re going to test it out and
see how it works. -We’ll let you know. -But in in the realm of average length, you
know, 7 to 10 to 12-minute videos, this is what I know. -And I also know that
YouTube outwardly says, “We like… Or you’ll get better results when you make videos
between 7 and 16 minutes.” So, that’s what TouTube… They say that. And they
like… They say that they like watch time. And so, the
more time people are spending on your videos… -Accumulative time. -Yeah. So, watch time is a big
indicator. But retention rate is just something that I think that’s kind of a
natural way to check and see “do people like my content?” And if people are
up at 80%, you know you’ve got to an awesome channel. I’ve been
seeing great results for anything 45% or higher. -That’s cool. It’s
good to know. Good stuff. And what I think it would… How it would translate to
anyone watching and in particularly to me and other people like me is that if I
have to do that… And I do. If that’s what I really am shooting for, I could
try to do what you’re doing myself for 4 months. And do 20 videos a month.
Every day there’s a video blah, blah, blah. But how many people are really in that
position to persistently and every day diligently and have these things going
out? And have it be compelling and engaging and magnetic. -That’s why people
value my services. And my approach is I love to be efficient. And so that’s why
we film 20 episodes in a day. My record with a client is 37 episodes in one day.
Is because it’s a lot of work to create 20 or 30 episodes every single month.
-Yeah. -But if you can film it all in a day and have your entire filming done for
that month… So, they’re… You know, there’s lots of ways that I work… -Those guys that
you did 37 with… They… I mean, you can tell. Just between us… -That wasn’t my first time
filming. -Yeah. But they’re… They do drugs, right? They’re actually… Actually no. They
were very exhausted by the end of the day. But… -I think
somebody’s got to be bringing the coke. That’s all I’m saying.
I mean the coca-cola. Stop it. You… Ohw… You’re evil. -All right. Well close it up. Thanks for
watching this video guys. Hopefully you found that helpful.
It really is that simple. I mean I’m not saying it’s not a lot of work. It’s hard
work but the strategy, the things you got to do to get there really is simple. -The
fact that he’s been able to break it down to a pretty understandable and
digestible formula is really important.

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