Subfolder or subdomain for SEO?

By | September 14, 2019

This is John Locke, and today, we’re answering
a common SEO question that we see a lot. And that is regarding should you put your
blog on a subfolder or a sudomain? Now, if you’re wondering what that is, a subfolder
would be where you have the domain name, then a slash, then blog, and then the rest of the
URL is right there. With a subdomain, you would blog, then dot,
then the domain name. So hundreds of people have done the research
on this. Pretty much all SEOs agree on this. That it is better to put your blog in a subfoler
(subdirectory) as opposed to a subdomain. The reason being, the way Google treats subdomains,
it is as if they are their own separate domain name, when it comes to ranking power and the
authority of the website. So when you’re creating a subdomain off of
your main domain name, that is basically like starting a brand new domain, when it comes
to the authority. Now, if your domain name has been around for
a long time, if it’s been around five, ten, twenty years, it’s built up some sort of authority
and ranking power. There’s probably a bunch of links coming into
it. If you put your blog on the subfolder, if
you add the domain, slash, blog, or whatever you’re putting there — a resource hub, whatever. That will share in the ranking power and the
authority of your domain. If you put it on the subdomain, if you did
“resources, dot, your domain name”, then you’re basically starting from scratch when it comes
to authority. It’s not going to share in the authority and
ranking power of the rest of the your general domain name. So, for that reason, it’s better to have things
in a subfolder or a subdirectory as opposed to a subdomain. Hope that answers that question. This is John Locke for Lockedown Design and
SEO, we help industrial and manufacturing firms. We publish videos every week, so we’d love
to see you subscribe. Until next time, peace.

2 thoughts on “Subfolder or subdomain for SEO?

  1. Nadanbata Post author

    does just putting the slash manually in word press indicate a sub folder in the root database or is that something you do in your database? In other words if i just put example . com/blog. That creates a sub folder automatically in the database itself?

  2. Igor Post author

    Do large companies use subdomains and subdirectories or buy (register) ccTLDs in each country?

    For example: When I enter in the facebook website I can see that they use a subdomain (, but if I type it as a ccTDL ( this will take me back to the previous subdomain ( The same happens in the Apple website, although they use a subdirectory (, its mean that if I try to enter as a ccTLD (, it takes me again to the subdirectory ( How do they do it? Do they need to buy (register) the ccTLDs from each country and redirect the link to a subdomain or to a subdirectory?


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