Stop Wasting Time Trying to Rank for Competitive Keywords – Do THIS Instead

By | September 5, 2019

hey everyone is Neil Patel here for another QA Thursday I’m here with Adam from viewership hello everyone and this week’s question is this one’s from Laxmi and by the way everyone who has commented thank you so much it really helps us appreciate these Q&A Thursday’s it’s huge for us bill to communicate with you so this is from Laxmi and this is hey Neil I want to rank my websites on one of the toughest keywords best mobile phone and best laptop especially the seneschal II the question is is this possible to even rank in these terms within two to three months most of you have a new website with a low domain authority domain authority is when a lot of people link to you Moz majestic a trust they all calculate a score from 0 to 100 the higher up you are the better Google and Facebook they’re probably a hundred or close to a hundred Huffington Post in new sites like that are in the 90s most websites are less than like 20 or 30 they’re really low now if you’re a new site and you want to rank for best laptops or best cell phones within two to three months or even six months I hate to say it’s not gonna happen what you need to do is stop trying to think of competitive terms you need to find terms with buyer intent like best laptops for under a thousand dollars because someone who’s searching that is looking for a laptop to buy because they have a specific budget you’re not gonna get volume it’s not that competitive but those people are much more likely to buy you can use tools like uber suggest if you put in a keyword like best laptops it’ll tell you all the other keywords right we’ll show it on the screen you will show you the tool you can put in keyword like best laptops or whatever you’ll see all the variations sorted by popularity and you can start going after them and you want to go after three to four word term phrases because you can rank for those within three months within six months those are so much easier to rank for some of you will even rank from within a month or two and they will generate sales so don’t try to get greedy and try to bring four best laptops but here’s the thing Adam if you start ranking four best laptops for under $1000 and that post starts doing well and over time more people link to you what do you think is gonna happen in long run it’s gonna you’re gonna rank for best laptops in general we can go exactly so it’s a long tail and that’s a cool part about the ubersuggest tool it uses Google Suggest so it tells you all the other variations of best laptops that people are typing in and this will all help you to rank for that main term over time another strategy if you’re trying to rank for these terms is using content clusters and we’ll do a whiteboard video on content clusters but like to give you an overview on content clusters let’s say you have an article on SEO a Content cluster is you can have a main article that talks about SEO and how it got started and the core purpose about it and what is SEO then you can have another article that it links you that talks about link building another one that talks about on page SEO another one that talks about a be testing title tags whatever it may be another one that talks about all the Google algorithm changes but content clusters are creating content around that topic without overlapping right so there’s subsets so if you’re talking about best laptops best laptops under a thousand best portable laptops best laptops to take with you when you’re traveling overseas best laptops that are like lightweight right there’s all these different categories best rugged laptops if you drop them like you’re working in the field like oil fields right so you can create content clusters around best laptops but the point I’m trying to make is don’t go after best laptops go after a longer tail terms you can rank for them within a few months you’ll do better you’ll start generating income now you’ll have more money and time to invest into SEO then go after harder terms like best laptops perfect that’s it if you have a question that you want answered next week’s Q&A Thursday video leave a comment below maybe we’ll pick it either way I’ll respond to your comment and if you enjoyed this video like it share subscribe to the channel tell everyone else about it I want to help you and all your friends and other people who are like-minded like you and I to grow when it comes to entrepreneurship and marketing so thank you for watching

100 thoughts on “Stop Wasting Time Trying to Rank for Competitive Keywords – Do THIS Instead

  1. Denlyn Blake Post author

    Are you talking about topical SEO when you say content clusters?

  2. Muhammad Ali Post author

    google says it dislike coppied text
    what about classifieds then ? most of their content is same/copied or duplicate

  3. Manav Singh Post author

    I bought a domain name with keyword "doctor" in it. And I automatically got a little more domain authority just because I had a high authority keyword in my domain name.

  4. iranna s Post author

    Hey, what kind of keywords should I use for my Shopify store (general store).

  5. Jason AK Mitchell Post author

    Hey Neil and Adam. Another great video.

    I would love to hear both your takes on buying businesses using leverage i.e. LBO to buy a business, and also using things such as earn outs. Of course this is centered around a business that is already profitable (thus allowing the leverage to be put on the business).

    I'm very interested in acquiring business especially internationally. I want to go about building up my brand internationally.

    Also getting heavy into voice thanks to you and Gary Vaynerchuk.

  6. Shibam Kar Post author

    Can u do these videos everyday or every other day? I love these qna videos so much

  7. Maria Teresa Cantafora Post author

    Thank you Neil!! Ubersuggest is an amazing tool 🎯

  8. Pagosa Now Post author

    Dear Neil and Adam,
    I'm in a low competition niche and my pages with schema (events) seem to be the only ones that appear in searches.
    My question is: Should I try to add schema to all of my pages?

  9. jujjuri suresh Post author

    Please make a video on domain flipping business!! Thank you!!

  10. chinux Post author

    Neil, here is some share i got… now BIG keyword volumen isnt high traffic.

    Im ranking #1-2 for alot of 100-500k search volumen, but i get more traffic from keyword with 2k volumen. So search volumen isnt = to traffic.

  11. Faith Biete Post author

    Is Ubersuggest accurate than Semrush for keyword research?

  12. Sunny Bidhuri Post author

    I do blogging , how can I rank my article , I blog about digital marketing terms .

  13. El Sótano De Alicia Post author

    👏👏👏 Muchas Gracias Neil Patel! Question:
    Neil, I have two or three keywords on the 2nd page in google, I'm using Search Console, where can I put those words correctly to push them to the first page? H2, H3, in text? … Thanks!

  14. Manorama Business Solution Post author

    Nice suggestion.
    Thanks for input

  15. Subhrangshu Adhikary Post author

    Invest in SEO, did you mean to buy links? From relavant sites?
    Or for ads?

    And what are investments that needs for SEO.

  16. BestStockStrategy Post author

    The best laptops for traveling, best durable laptops, etc. Will these be H2 tags?

  17. Rashida Post author

    I can't wait to see your Content Clusters whiteboard! Thanks for this video.

  18. David Cuesta Post author

    I love UBERSUGGEST but it would be awesome if it shows longtail keywords

  19. Sami Syed Post author

    I know that when trying to rank a blog for a keyword you should use it as much as possible in the blog. But if your trying to rank for a 4 word phrase, how will you be able to use that 4 word phrase multiple times in a 2000 word blog? Wont it sound wierd and repetitive? Whereas if it was just one keyword like 'laptop' it would be way easier to include it multiple times within the blog.

  20. Clean Fast Df Post author

    Obrigado pelas dicas Neil Patel. Obrigado por colocar a legenda em português. Vc é minha referencia.

  21. Nuhman Nathly Post author

    Hey Neil. Can you talk about blogger. Most of people are using blogger for free hosting instead of buying.

  22. William Knose Post author

    Ideally how many keywords should you use in your AdWords campaigns? I have been told focus on only a few and other people tell me to use as many as you can think of.

  23. Digital Reach Productions Post author

    The biggest mistake I see local businesses make is trying to engage in SEO and ranking in the first place before they even have a reputation which is part of every online marketing today. Or even a website that's capable of converting that traffic into phone calls sales and customers. We found out a long time ago when you a solid reputation, have the right story on your website and setting up a laser targeted cold traffic campaign combined with a warm retargeting campaign will produce a 10X Better result than any SEO campaign will at less than half the cost of working with a reputable SEO agency. But if you truly want to rank videos you are absolutely right in your analogy.

  24. CMMogulClub Post author

    Hey Neil. I'll get right to it. I am having a difficult time making a decision and I dont want to sit on it for long as I'd like to execute my decision quickly. I have a company that provides personal coaching and motivational speaking services around the topics of relationships, self improvement and fun/adventure. I will create a big impact on the world and I want to provide all my knowledge/tools free. But at the same time I absolutely HATE working for people because I feel like I'm wasting my time. And as you know, "TIME" is the most valuable asset we have. So with that being said, it feels like I'm almost required to charge for my products and services so I can focus on what I've recognized this is what I've been put on earth for. What would you do and how? Here is my website if you'd like to look: Thank you in advance for the incredible advice.

    Chris Massey

  25. Rajwan Ahmed Post author

    Hi Mr. Patel, First I would like to thank you to share valuable knowledge with us. Your Sharing is caring for digital marketers.I have one question which i am finding an answer still unable to get. Its about google shopping campaign. I found there are new e-commerce websites and their products are ranking better than my website.My website is better, old domain good ranking on SEO. I did everything still products are not ranking. 1) I increased the bid 2) included similar keywords 3) improved page speed 4) define google category more better. I dont know what to do. this channel is converting for us but we are spending more than earning. want to use 100%.

  26. bassma_sherif director Post author

    hi,neil i wonder how to increase my followers on twitter and i have a facebook business page every time i add more than one photo of every product after a while i find only one of them why does this happen ? and how to create backlinks ?
    and is there any samples of social media strategies or posts plan ?

  27. Daniel Ibars Post author

    I'm starting my digital marketing journey, do you think it could be useful if I start taking some traditional Marketing training in order to do a better job on Digital Marketing??
    I'm more like a technical guy so Marketing Gut skills need to be developed for me.

  28. Ralph McGinnis Post author

    You mentioned at 3:38 about longtail terms, "you can rank for them in a few months". What's the best methods to rank for longtail articles in a few months, presuming on-site and on-page SEO is correctly optimized?

  29. Stefan Nordström Post author

    Very interesting mindset. I've been optimizing blog posts to dominate smaller, more long-tail keywords. I haven't really thought about the intent in that way. The buyer intent part really is where the extra edge comes in 🙂

  30. Benji's Dad - Entrepreneur Coach Post author

    To this video. I'd like to say…. DUH… Your insane trying to go for best laptop.

  31. Gabriel Shaoolian Post author

    Hands down one of the best seo advice ! Thank you!!
    The videos lately have been awesome.

    I have a question please – how do you find sites to buy to help with seo ranking? I have a budget of $25k to purchase sites to help my site ranking and I’m having a hard time to find a qualified site to find. Most website brokerages sell commerce sites or affiliate sites but they have poor DA and low inbound links.

    Anyhow thanks guys and love the videos. Keep’em going!

  32. HCBCHEMISTRYoCOM Post author

    Do you have a video tutorial for building a website on wordpress? My goal is to make a website for people to post pictures of their fish tank. So stuck. Thank you.

  33. Alpinebear Post author

    Hey Neil, I out sourced a seo service for first time in my life, I had 5 month contract with that company and they promise me that their price i paid would rank me up on first 5 searches on Google, I paid my hard earned money in my crises time & found after 5 months that whatever the content they wrote to build links was rubbish, and since then I wasted my very precious time but is there any way to instantly begin any sales, I haven't even earned a dollar out of 6 months.

  34. HCBCHEMISTRYoCOM Post author

    Oh, and one more thing, for the value you bring your videos are too short.

  35. Our Pets Health Post author

    Love this series. Simple, actionable advice. Thanks!

  36. infernorabbit Post author

    Hi Neil, what's your take on siloing? A complicated strategy or doable for a new ecommerce website?

  37. Wadood Post author

    Great video. Valuable information, like always. 🙂

    How can we rank in the local map pack in specific cities without a physical location?

    What needs to be done to rank in our home city and in other cities/countries (ie…USA [rank in New York, California, Florida, etc] and Canada [rank in Toronto, Vancouver, Montreal, etc]), all while running your online business from home.

    Thanks in advance.

  38. Varun Kamal Post author

    Hey Neil… Kyle Jenner did 450m dollars of sales in 18 months… Could you break down her marketing strategy if you don't mind

  39. Jithendar Dharmapuri Post author

    Thanks for making this. And let us know how and where to invest money in SEO? Make a video or write a detailed guide on this topic. It will helps alot for us.

  40. Javier Benitez Post author

    How can we know how the SEO algorithms change so we can stay ahead of the curve?

  41. Faisal Post author

    I want to start a game blog I want to review games and game components on which keyword should I rank

  42. Andrei Nazarenka Post author

    Hi Neil. What is too competitive keyword? Volume, cpc? What is realistic keyword volume/cpc?

  43. RAWGHAV Post author

    Hey Neil, We've heard you talking about websites and businesses.
    Are there any particular strategies you recommend that work for non-profits?
    Resepctive to Google or Fb Ads.

  44. Fearless Video Marketer Post author

    How can you have fun and make $1,000 online?

  45. Venkata Ramana Post author

    Hi nail bro, I selected a keyword with high search volume and I ranked in 3 Rd position in Google but not getting traffic even 100.
    Here my question is how to know is that keyword have good search tell best ways.

  46. vishwanath m Post author

    Hi Neil,I've been doing research about blogging since the past few weeks like about SEO, keywords planning tools etc,but my main question is "HOW TO WRITE HIGH QUALITY CONTENT consistently?"

    For Ex:
    like if I wanna write about "fitness niche" like proteins for bodybuilding and ab exercises should I do those exercises and take those proteins so that I can write and promote about them or read about other people's experiences with them and write it in a better explanatory way?
    Would mean so much to me if u replied and suggest me.

  47. AK Online Post author

    Hi Neil, I was ranking number one for keyword "Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana" for almost 1.5 years then it gradually started moving down. Now it has reached page 4. What wrong have i done?

  48. venu yallaturi Post author

    Hi Neil Patel Sir,
    We Just Started a woo-commerce Website to sell handmade sarries and fashion items. My Question is We launch our website a week back. How we can reach people who like our products or can you give some quick guidance to where we need to start ?
    Thanks in advance 🙂

  49. imran klgl Post author

    Hi, neil
    I am not a expert in article writing and i have feeling that whether people will read my content or not. I have no budget to hire a writer cause i am starting out. Can you tell me some tips to improve my writing skills cause, the way you publish article in neilpatel in awesome.

  50. Arif Qadri Post author

    Hey Neil First of Greeting to you, I have a question that if I have a website which is related to the whole Images In the website no any content inside just images. so how is possible to rank rather without content marketing in the website content isn't there so it is possible to come on Top-10 SERP if yes then requested to you reply me as soon as possible. I'm waiting for your valuable answer.

  51. Ben Kalashnikov Post author

    Great advice. I'm building a channel where I teach how to make money trading cryptos and there's so many long-tail phrases that can be used in that niche. Definitely gonna try this. Thanks

  52. Neeraj Beniwal Post author

    Sir, I am not Ranking on Ahref 0(zero) difficulty keywords. On these keywords my website is on 2-3 page of Google. How can I rank. My compitertiors have not any Backlinks but their Ahref DA is 50-60. How can I beat all Websites????
    Suggest me something Please.
    Please Neil Sir Help me I am in Trouble.

  53. Positive Affirmations Center Post author

    You are amazing. THANK YOU!

  54. nitin sharma Post author

    what is the best way to rank keyword with out writing article
    if you have any article related to it please share with me i badly need it

  55. Venkata Ramana Post author

    How know exact search volume for keyword? Google keyword planner showing high traffic for keyword after ranked keyword no traffic. Tell a best way true search volume for keyword?

  56. Gateway Center Post author

    How would I go about generating back links / key words in ARABIC to push traffic to an English portal site that has beneficial content and tools – such as English Lessons and Tips, job board, events, etc. – that would benefit Arabic speakers in the country that I'm in. Thanks again for everything, really great stuff.

  57. Sarah Aggarwal Post author

    I am only just getting started with the world of SEO and mostly all of digital marketing, and your videos have been helping me tons to gain insights and also, feel more confident. Thank you much for doing so much to help me and several others like me!
    I do have a quick question about ubersuggest. When I hit enter upon entering a keyword, it throws up "Volume 590" in the box and then various numbers (10, 20 etc.) in the table underneath. What do these numbers connote? Are these read as 'million' everyday or 'thousand'? I am not sure. Many thanks in advance!

  58. Amey Indulkar Post author

    Hello Neil thanks for this video I had one question; I usually write articles on benefits of fruits/vegetables so to make it more perfect and best I wrote an article on "40 tomatoe benefits for skin; Hair and health" the article length was 2k-3k I was trying to rank for keyword "Tomatoe Benefits" but I am not able to rank as it's a short tail keyword can u please suggest me what keywords I should go for as the article is on all kinds of tomatoe benefits.

    Thanks for making awesome videos. 😊

  59. Venkatesh Kumar Post author

    Hiiii. I did the same mistake. I tried to rank a difficult keyword in my post. Unfortunately I end up with nothing even the post is quality one. My question is,
    Can I change the target keyword in the article and everywhere for ranking?

  60. Rohit Sharma Post author

    I am selling women clothes please tell me the long tail keyword for which i rank one 1 in 2 month

  61. Ggle Post author

    Hey Neil Patel, Is it possible to rank my article without making backlink for it, only base of good on-page SEO and avg PA, DA

  62. Bhagyesh Patel Post author

    How do u invest in SEO for any website? Why is it necessary to invest.

  63. suraj mourya Post author

    I have done everything for ranking but I did no get positive result my website is 4 month old but it is not ranking on my target keywords so please tell me something for ranking earlier. So please sir help me

  64. Dhanur Sehgal Post author

    Hi Neil. What do you think about Aliexpress dropshipping? Isn't it becoming too competitive?

  65. Nachiketa singh Post author

    Hello Sir,
    I have created my new website and it has been a 5-6 months. Few of my articles is ranking on Google for a 3-4 keywords.
    I know want to GUEST POST on some of the website.
    So, how can I do so..??
    How can I guest post on someone blogs..??

  66. CamiCol dotaciones S.A.S Post author

    I didn't understand how can use Clusters. Tell me ¿in which video do you explain it?

    Quiero más explicaciones sobre Clusters, no comprendo cómo usarlo.


  67. Dezeek - SEO, Google Partners & Digital Marketing Agency Post author

    Wow. that comment was like 2 months ago. I probably have to be patience if you guys going to pickup my questions here.

    So start with longtail first. Thanks Neil!

  68. Baldeep Birak Post author

    Long tail keywords. Great to know to go down this route so you become part of a niche segment.

  69. Ted Rinshed Post author

    How do you write content for these longer-term keywords if the meaning is similar?

    I mean for instance, the best keyword might be NY Plumbers and the associated terms might be Plumbers in NY, or best plumbers in NY, etc. The actual content for these similar terms is almost identical unless you go into specific services like "clogged drains in NY". They say to create a new page for each keyword. Won't you eventually start to create duplicate content? Google will shut down those duplicate content pages and direct traffic to the SINGLE most popular page on your site. What's the deal Neil?

  70. ketan sinha Post author

    hii sir!! is your seo course complete as per industry standards??bcoz i have interest in it and u have good hold on it… pls reply…i want to learn all stuffs related to it…

  71. ALTA RACKS Post author

    Can a ad word be purchased to come up on competitors name search

  72. santosh das Post author

    Hello Neil, I'm working on a site having 16k backinks as shown in google search search console still not ranking at top positions. I analysed my competitors(having single page website) who have few backlinks, are at top rankings. What should be done to get top ranking. Give some tips please!

  73. Paul Kozar Post author

    Forget about keywords. Forget about ranking. Think about how you are helping people. The rest will take care of itself.

  74. Erik Hill Post author

    Neil, please help! I'm frozen in inaction here… I want to make a smart decision at the beginning so I don't have to make major changes down the line to my websites. I'm a ClickFunnels user and LOVE ClickFunnels. I know ClickFunnels isn't built to be a blog but I'm wondering if it makes more sense to use the domain on ClickFunnels and link to subdomain for the WordPress blog, or vice versa??

  75. La Sociedad Del Vapeo Post author

    Hi Neil, I own a Vape Shop and I need a strategy to get more followers in Facebook and Instagram, it is very difficult without paid advertising. What would you recommend to get more followers?

  76. Kunal Bhadgare Post author

    Hello sir, Just have one confusion about content cluster..need to add new article in same post and need to create new post about that realted topic. Because I am confuse content cluster and topic cluster is different thing right..

  77. savory icon Post author

    I’ve read somewhere that no matter how good a new blog is “content wise”, it will stay in the search engine sandbox for close to 6 months which allows search engines to analyze your blog for unique, consistent new content and user helpful content and then slowly begin to send organic traffic to your site. Is this real?

  78. Don Richardson Post author

    Great info. Sort of like deep dive your niche'

  79. Mark Mitchell - London's Mortgage Agent Post author

    Hi Neil – I have followed your advice and watched your videos for the last two months, and they worked wonders. I have moved from rank #87 or so to #11 on Google for my keyword in my area – Mortgage Broker London Ontario – however, I am stuck at 11 (I was moving up rapidly) – Is there some sort of threshold needed to overtake a competitor on Page 1? My DA and PA are higher than my competitors, I have higher page score on Moz for my keyword, etc etc – Is there something I could be doing wrong?

  80. Erik Hill Post author

    Is it possible to rank a website built on ClickFunnels in the top 3 results for Google Maps and page one of Google? I know results depend on the terms you're trying to rank for. This is for niche dentistry if that helps.

  81. Anant Singh Post author

    hi niel bro iformative post thanks keep it up dude 🙂

  82. Gabriel Shaoolian Post author

    Excellent Points!! and Thanks for the free tool – ubersuggest. It's awesome. If can add filters to it that would be helpful – for example, if someone wants to do a filtered search with competition ranging from .2 to .5

  83. Anand Bisht Post author

    Hey Neil, I m hearing that , gradually SEO is going to die. So my question is what new opportunities r going to come in future for us. I have some information but not the whole about what new thing is coming. I am from India

  84. sanjay hota Post author

    neil, can you please make a video on LSI keywords. love from India, Odisha

  85. Jayne Tripplett Post author

    But is it worth it if search vol is only 40 per month?? Still do it…yes? No?

  86. Matt Rinkerman Post author

    So Right , using 5-7 word longtail. Getting found and getting traffic. Yet Ubersuggest and Keywords Everywhere both say 0 searches. Get 3 to 5 on a high priced product.

  87. Sparkle 1914 Post author

    Thank you so much! This channel is priceless with the free understandable information


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