[STEP-BY-STEP] 3 Ways How to Spy on Competitor’s Website Traffic Sources For FREE In 2019

By | December 8, 2019

Everyone and welcome to another deadly video from Shopify dropshipping lifestyle. My name is Ricky Hayes and in today’s video We’re going into two simple methods to find out about where your competitors are getting their traffic sources From and then you can basically model that. All right, so let’s get straight into it So Understanding where people get their traffic from is a very important way to then Basically go back and then utilize that to sort of understand Well, if I market there and I take some of that audience they’re not likely to get some of these sales Okay, so it’s very important that in there too simple and free ways I’m gonna put them that all sounds better any way of Doing that, so I just jumped on my alternative Facebook account now just get yours here and of course come up with a whole heap of you know these viral products and you can see that that was cool is a I believe a large Facebook page, which it is and this works really well when they’re Using a bitly URL what a bit we used to use Google shortener links Not really anymore because Google changed a lot of things and now people are trying to hide where they’re getting their traffic from by making it so that they’re short and URL is you know, you can actually use the another piece of software so that people can’t actually see it but A lot of people still use the bitly so it’s an easy way. So what you do, right? It’s as simple as this it should copy the link All right Put it in your browser already back there, but I’ll do it again for the sake of showing you and hard on it and That’s it You put a plus on the end and you can see then the traffic sources So when we can actually see from here is that this product went viral for a period of time? whether There can be a lot of reasons. Of course. Obviously they were doing paid marketing I presume the they’re probably paying to have it on some large Facebook pages and that as well, but You can see that all here and you can see that you know, this is their website See the full URL the world’s most comfortable full body pillow Okay So what we can see from this that’s really important is the refers so we can see they haven’t really done much on Instagram now What that means in many regards is that’s an opportunity Okay That means that on Instagram you actually have opportunity what it does mean also is the email SMS and direct I suspect that’s probably email And direct as just an educated guess and obviously Facebook, so they’re likely to be well They’re definitely doing Facebook marketing as well as they’re probably promoting it on some other pages You know how this there’s this current trend now where they’re putting it as like an episode to try and make it seem more unique We’re next a lot of shit. Um, but anyway, and you can then see as well the the top referring countries now again, you can straight away see United States, you know a Kingdom Canada and 97 more I Can’t click it, which is annoying. I think you have to have a preprint Pro account for them. They like that I should also add that in order to see this you have to just make a free bitly account Okay, just make free bitly accounts connect to Facebook Whatever takes five seconds and you can see this info you can see from here that this product has gone from you know Absolutely insane clicks on the September the 10th. You know, we’re now what was the date? I don’t even know whether days whatever to you know thousands of clicks to me or down to Nothing by the looks of it. So it’s probably likely that they’ve stopped marketing this part because it it’s stopped being profitable So it looked like it really got some traction because I’ll doing some heavy marketing in the space of a week really just over a week, but what you can see is this is really important is that This graph can actually tell you that say if it was the opposite way Let’s say it’s around here that it’s going up. Then you know that there also hardly a trending product okay, the the product is trending and then then you can see what the sources are and the top sources and then you can see what countries and having that is really important because Now you have the audience because you can these are the people so straightaway, you know what I can see here is What are the mode most of the comments? Okay, most of the comments are women Okay, so, we now know three things about this product if it was hypothetical II like a training products office But training partly like it was at that point then would know. Okay. Well, it’s trending we we know that Facebook is Converting very well. We also know that United States is very interested in men or two women, okay? So those are four things you can find just from simply copying the bitly URL And putting a plus on there and then having a look at the comments and there you go You know like that’s product research 101 not hard at all The other thing is then you actually go to the website now. I had actually noticed and I have no idea They’re using the same actual App that I am. Sorry. This went blank there when you scroll down it has this. Ah, but anyway, so for starters, I’ve seen this website a few times and I’m not between what how they have this lady. I think could be better. Huh? There’s someone of my own anyway from ages ago, but One of the funniest except believe this is how the fuck they have seven pixels now I can only assume that they’re doing heavier minutes of retargeting buyer apps which is a lightning waste of money so if they’ve got if been few Anyway, I don’t recommend this if you see this, I don’t know why they’re doing this in this fashion and if this works But it’s almost like they have more that they have multiple pixels that they’re doing for different things And I don’t understand why I’ve never seen so many being picked up. Anyway, they’re what I was getting at with this Is that the other part that you can do is an app similarweb? Okay, and it’s free Similarweb is fantastic free This so, that’s our Chrome extension. Then there’s also commerce inspector. So I’ve been using similar We have a lot more on it and it’s just awesome. Okay, so you can tell a few things from this. Okay, you can Actually a lot of things and it’s really powerful estimated visits 322 K so you can see that they’ve gotten a lot of traffic So they’ve paid a little man You can see that they’ve ranked quite quite especially in the United States and actually on the global scale They went quite hot because they’re paying for a lot of traffic their bounce rate as a whole is sixty seven point one nine percent now to give that An idea you probably want to aim for around fifty to sixty percent so there’s that that’s as a whole have a look in your Google Analytics per What’s also important is you get a bit more of a granular look into their overall? Traffic, okay So we could see from the bitly RL With where the traffic sources were coming from and we can also see on just the store where the actual traffic sources are coming from so we can see here that it’s direct and That it’s social. So what that means most likely so search is SEO mail is mail display is the Google Display Network links is just links Direct is people may only half the time. I believe that’s attributed to people that Know the web site and I put it basically strengthen their browser to browse the web site. Okay, so it’s a combination of mail and Man, just directly going to the website It’s a tough one you again. You have to look in the Google Analytics But anyway, you can tell from there so that you can tell us that they’re they’re building their brain and in their case It’s a general store. I personally think that they’re I mean like they hit doing heavy upsells frequently bought together all that, but I just sound like it but The social so you can obviously see that straight away that most of their traffic source is social okay? And I can actually say with confidence I reckon that most of the people that are directed probably return custom that and then it’s just attributed that difference Okay, the other thing that you can then tell and this is all free this is what’s amazing about this app There is a premium version I believe as well which then you have You can check apps and stuff too if you wanted to pay for it. It’s cool Again, you can see straight away that 50% of their overall traffic is from the United States Okay, and then you get a huge drop in the other countries? So they’re not really targeting many other countries other than the United States. You can actually see here Netherlands seems to really like this product, which is random But you can see that so you can see that United States really like this It’s actually quite saturated in the last three months You can see in the same in Canada, but you can see they’re having another time This would be a very good region to target, Australia or New Zealand Okay, a lot of people never target New Zealand and I don’t understand why but it’s it’s a country that buyers a lot I know a lot of people from New Zealand they have deep pockets And there’s nothing wrong with that so you can see just from that as well Oh, well, I’ve got a better idea of this as well So now we definitely know that United States obviously is a high converting country, especially for this store Whoops, so we can also see here is top referring sites. So referring starts run It tracks differently, but you can see here track China Post. So they’re definitely drop shipping store. So you can tell that their drop shipping there a lot of these stores in that braining their product, but then coming but then You can see that and you can tell that they’re definitely drop shipping. I don’t know what that is accountable, but that’s a that’s Commerce inspector peep and these are spying People spying on them for their product research to then try and sell them on their their research tool You can see here. They’re they’re Organic keywords. So this would correlate directly back to direct. Okay, so we can see that people are looking for work so far All right And that that is the bulk of their traffic and that will be what will be mainly the direct Alright, so you can tell that they’re not they’re not really doing any paid keywords. Okay? So what that means is they’re not doing google shopping. They’re not dog ads that are doing being ads They’re not doing any of that. Okay, and you know that’s on them. A lot of people aren’t doing good I’m doing a lot more Google ads now because it is very untapped in a very profitable form of income Okay, and again, you can see here. Then you sort of get a nice bar graph You can see for some reason that I presume. I’ve got uploaded on YouTube They’ve got a tiny amount of traffic that comes from there. But the majority is their Facebook Okay So they don’t even probably have an Instagram page about looks of it. Really that it’s probably they’ve got a large following I believe on Facebook and That’s where a little bit of traffic source is coming from. Sorry. Let me just reopen this Again, you can see ads so you can see that their top publishers Looks like it’s live News on calm and go likes they’re probably paying these people and talk ad networks radio tabouleh And the and I’ve never used in here anyway, and you can also tell their audience interests. So very similar Okay and so you can see just from two simple things that are completely free a Crime extension and just a bit the URL how much you understand about store how much you then understand about your audience and how much? Opportunity then you can make from on this from this and then you use commerce inspector to look at their apps as well Because then they don’t have to use the paid version this because in commerce and especially you can use that and look at their apps And then you can have a look at the app. Yeah, just further to this as well I should add This is our booklet. You can tell it’s Brooklyn my favorite themes I I don’t know why I have the Add to Cart there by now No Five weird. They don’t have any reviews on this even I want to practice have a lot of reviews I’m sorry a lot of our traffic apparently Something much what’s going on there? You can see It I’m just having a wee engineer, but you can see that the website just know I forgot that account Okay. So as I said, they’re using the same type of thing with me, they’re using chakra frappe. They’re not using stripe Really? They should be used and strike the dog worldwide. Just check out. I presume they’re tops because they are paying tax They’ve got the sack sites. That’s our thing There, you know you may like but they should be doing a lot more upsells. That should be doing it in cut up so this is really annoys me when I look at this from such a large store and You know, you can see well the fact that they changed a car that looks stupid they’ve Decided to take out all the trust budget and just purely have a timer and then they have all these fun Hey B, you know they should be why don’t they have the actual logo there god, damn it fuckin leaves me anyway, so I’m gonna stop answering. I don’t know why I did that live But whenever I look at these doesn’t know what the fuck you people thinking but you can see as well so now you understand technically three different ways to understand completely break down the store completely for free in five minutes realistically as Well as then you can get a lot of ideas on what they’re doing what they could be doing better and why you’re doing it Better and a lot more fun and it really didn’t take me long literally typed in Google So Facebook get yours here as you can see up on the top there and that’s all I did. All right So look guys. I hope that has been helpful if it has been helpful for you Don’t forget to drop a like their comment comment down below if you do have any questions subscribe for updates I do two or three videos a week. Just very busy And don’t forget the notification box the updated as soon as I upload a video Okay, don’t forget join my group on Facebook shop for dropshipping lifestyle can put the free. There’s a cheat sheet down below Yes, I open that up. It’ll guide you through you get a free cheat sheet helps you get started I have heaps of other videos. Okay? Okay guys that you can watch I’ve made a number of playlists there for you Facebook mini cost product research On multiple platforms. I can’t remember because I’ve got my own really crap, but as well I am Expanding my services, which I’ll be announcing over the coming weeks But if you are interested in my premium sport, where a lot of people in there Well, pretty much everyone that group I should say really bad in pitch, but whatever. I’m gonna go with it our Seeing huge success within a week people are seeing a major turnover just because they’re asking questions We’re answering and they’re saying that results So if you do want to start kicking goals today rather than tomorrow, and you don’t want to spend a billion dollars Then join my group gold claps on Facebook, okay? There’s a link down below. It is a pay group Okay You know You have to pay to get in I am because obviously I put a lot of time into this So you get a lot of value from it. All right, so aside from that. I hope today’s video has been helpful Thank you very much You

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