St. Patrick’s Day Event – Tutorial

By | February 26, 2020

The St. Patrick’s Day Festival is here! Collect Pots of Gold by completing Quests
and in incidents around your city. You can also receive some additional Pots
of Gold, just for logging in each day! Once you’ve gathered some, you’re ready
to help Paddy McCharms in his preparations for the St. Patrick’s Day festival. Open the event window to get things started. On the left you’ll see the Festival preparation
site, as well as the town’s docks. Across the river you’ll see the factory
district. The aim is to produce goods from various factories,
and transport these by ship to the festival. Click on the first factory slot to build the
Hat Factory. Once built, it will automatically start producing
hats for the festival! Once a production cycle is complete, click
again to move the goods to the factory district stockpile, so that they’re ready for collection. Click on the ship in the bottom left corner
to send it across the river to collect the goods and bring them back to the festival. Once the ship has returned, click on the festival
to sell the goods and earn yourself some Shamrocks! The Shamrocks that you earn from selling goods
at the festival can be used to upgrade your factories, improving their output, and maximizing
production. You can also upgrade your ship, to increase
the amount of goods the boat can carry across the river. As well as the festival itself, to increase
how many goods the festival can sell at once. If you’ve gathered a lot of Shamrocks, and
don’t want to upgrade the productions incrementally, you can tick the ‘max’ button in the top corner
to upgrade them much faster! Also, if you want to, you
can spend Pots of Gold to advance your productions
instantly by 2, 4 or 8 hours. This is a quick way to produce additional
Shamrocks if you need them. Now that we’ve got a good supply line set
up, Paddy has a suggestion! He’ll introduce you to some fine young folk
who, for a fee, will manage your factories. Click on the top hat to hire one, who will automate production of goods, as well as improving the amount produced. Upgrading a manager costs Pots of Gold, so be sure to complete quests to have plenty to go around. You can also hire a Festival Manager, to automatically manage the festival on your behalf, and a Shipyard Manager, to automate the shipment of goods to the festival. Now this is all great, but what’s in it for
you? Along the top of the event window, there’s
a list of three tasks. Complete a task to make progress towards the
Grand Prize. Finish 25 to earn the Grand Prize reward! If you’re not sure what you need to do for a task, click on the arrow on the right side of the list for a full overview. Each one you complete will be replaced with a new one, Giving you a chance to progress even closer to the grand prize. There’s a limited number of tasks that can
completed in each town, meaning once you’ve completed them all, the townsfolk will be
ready to start the festivities! Completing all the tasks is optional, but
if you finished them all, Or if you feel that they’re getting too tough Once you have collected enough Shamrocks you
can start your journey to the next town. To do this, click on Continue button in the
bottom right corner. On your way to the next town, you’ll get
the chance to snag some awesome rewards, In the form of 6 reward boxes. You can open one for free, and as many more
as you like for Pots of Gold. If you open all 6 boxes, you’ll earn the collection
reward on the right-hand side. Once you’re ready to move on, click continue
to start a new town. You’ll take your Pots of Gold, and any progress towards the grand prize with you, Starting afresh with a new set of tasks to work towards. But of course, these box rewards aren’t
all you can win. The main Grand Prize reward for the St. Patrick’s Day event is the brand-new Celtic Forest building Set. This beautiful set of 5 buildings with 2 levels each bring a taste of the Emerald Isle to your city. Once fully upgraded and placed next to one
another, the Celtic Forest set will output a bunch of unique rewards, from Forge Points,
Goods to resources and military boosts!

100 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day Event – Tutorial

  1. Brian Davis Post author

    Feel like I'm watching Tom Hanks in the movie Big again with this game. As he plays with the city building in front of the designers and says "I don't get it. What does the skyscraper turn into?"

  2. A W Post author

    I would say just be very careful how you spend the pots of gold, that seems to be the limiting resource.

  3. Giant Meteor 2020 Post author

    Truly boring event lacking any joy. St. Patrick’s Day is a joyous party, not drudgery and work. I was expecting rainbows with pots of gold at the end where I’d find a leprechaun who would grant me wishes that I could choose from. Not shipping hats in a factory district back and forth for days. This feels like work with no rewards

    YOU BLEW IT BIG TIME! Fire whoever is responsible for this terrible event. It’s making me want to stop playing the game

  4. PAYNE ASYLUM Post author

    This event is way to complicated. By far the worst event ever.

  5. Gorem Post author

    The first manager in every building should have been free. And it should have been worked on more, 2 hours to get to a bottleneck of waiting for Festival to hit 300 over the next 10 hours. Its a start but its so far a badly designed Idle Game with micotransactions sprinkled in. The fact you can't earn gold in the event means any gold spent is gold gone – people that upgrade managers lose rewards. It shouldn't be like that. Could have kept the pay to win aspect as just the time skips and it would be much better. I don't even know how paying players would find this event fun or rewarding.

  6. Kyle Tracey Post author

    Way to complicated !!! What are you thinking ? Come on !!

  7. fuggitivo1 Post author

    Questo tudor non mi serve non conosco l'inglese… Sarebbe più utile una spedizione in italiano. Grazie

  8. Rafa Post author

    Calm down boys and girls. The event seems complicated when it is explained but it is very easy to play. Enjoy it!

  9. Sparky Bonehead Post author

    ya know, if i wanted to play Idle Adventure Capitalist…..i would have just kept that damn app on my phone.

  10. Jd Nichols Post author

    do we have to pay shamrocks in order to gain access to the gift boxes when we're finished with a city? Or do we automatically gain access to those? I ask bc at the bottom of the "proceed to next town" at 2.52, there's a button at the bottom that says 8.4Q? Just wondering if I need to build up a stock of shamrocks before I move to my next city….

  11. Elaine lima BR Post author

    Coloquem em português por gentileza , não somente pessoas que falam inglês jogam .😡

  12. Raniel Silva Post author

    This event had everything to be good and managed to spoil. When we change cities we restart everything and what's worse, without gold to be able to at least automate. I felt cheated.

  13. Aditya Parihar Post author

    contrary to public opinion, i like the event. requires some decision making

  14. Brian Butcher Post author

    This is about the worst event ever, you should be ashamed of yourself's for this.

  15. FeelTheBurn2020 Post author

    Add to the ship make sure you save you gold to hire managers first for every production do they are automatically collecting rather than sitting there

  16. Alex Turner Post author

    I love it. It's great to have a challenge to figure it out rather than having everything spoon fed.

  17. TheAntbandit Post author

    Whew, I thought I was the only one who had no clue what was going on with this event. After reading the comments, I’m not alone. I have been playing since May of 2019 and this event is the worst!

  18. Nat Ciccone Post author

    This event is the worst, slow, boring, little rewards. 🤔 Who's idea was it to make the event possible?

  19. Борис Викторович Post author

    Фабрики работают.
    Всем удачи.

  20. Heiko Brand Post author

    Muß ja wohl unheimlich schwer sein, das ins deutsche zu übersetzen ..

  21. ΑΓΓΕΛΟΣ ΛΟΡΑΝΔΟΣ Post author

    I don't like this Event. This is your worst Event.

  22. L. R. Post author

    Was soll ich mit einem Tutorial Video, welches ich nicht verstehe?

  23. J Hall Post author

    I'm sure its easy once you get started but I don't know how to get started, what is going on , or why things are happening. I think the end user isn't being invited in adequately here.

  24. J Hall Post author

    I just went and hit a bunch of buttons until they weren't highlighted anymore not knowing what was going on and then thought, well, that was fun. Pfft.

  25. Will Dineen Post author

    This game really really sucks!! It's complicated, boring and to hard!!! I get tired of watching that ship go back and forth. You don't win things along the way, I think this has to be the worst game Thai I've ever played in years on the FOE. Don't bring it back!!

  26. Didier Oms Post author

    This event is really bad… I am sorry I won't play it with my kids

  27. Mark Stuart Post author

    Anybody else keep tapping the screen to remove the pop up info like you in your own game 😂

  28. Peter Bermadinger Post author

    Sinnloses Event, wie Zeitung holen am Sonntag Morgen

  29. James Eadie Post author

    I’m doing this but my heart isn’t in it, too boring and over engineered.

  30. David Miller Post author

    Seems pretty straight forward to me. Don’t use all your pots of gold to upgrade your factories too quicklyThey are worth much more at when you use them with the more advanced factories..

  31. Stephane Jabaud Post author

    Gros problèmes de "synchronisation" ,evenement penible et lourd

  32. Z32 Post author

    i won't be able to get the twenty parts, to build the building, also it is very long, there isnt reward daily. a disaster totally

  33. Roman Kai. Post author

    Guys, if this is so stressful and complicated for you, Im willing to livestream a rotation of this event so you can turn your brains off and just click it down like that.
    you have 10! days of wiggling room and ~1000 pots to fck up in this event.
    Feel free to answer on this message so I send you guys a discord link.

  34. Tristram Coffin Post author

    I told you the last time. Way too many events. You do these with about 2 to 3 weeks in between. When there is always an event it isn't one. You told me last time that all events are voluntary but it's hardly the point. Events should accentuate the game, be something players look forward to. You've made them exhausting.

  35. Evangeline Biedermann Post author

    Bored to tears and rapidly losing interest in this event… until the Devs provide new options to obtain more real estate, spending several hours a day on useless tasks with the prospect of yet another multi part building that sits in my inventory, I pass

  36. jeff braisted Post author

    Ok the instructions were bad and you only learn how to play after reading the comments a day later .I get that part. But if I spend the time and effort in building my first town up and get it humming along nicely and then decide to start a new town are you really saying that you start "FRESH" As in everything you worked hard on is gone and you start from zero again and NOT KEEP THE FIRST TOWN WORKING? Thats going to really suck and everyone is going to say F You FOE its not worth it. If you got to keep each town as you progress then it would be cool to see each one develop. But not if you have to start again and again over the next 20 days.

  37. Lee Lee Post author

    The truly hard part is not overcoming the ‘challenge’, but overcoming the boooooredooooommmmm…

  38. DieMotsikaja Post author

    I’m little sad. Why cant i go back to the old city? A warning that this is Not possible would have be nice.

  39. Smiling Shadow Post author

    The event is actually much simpler than it appears. I have been working for a German company for 15 years and one thing Germans are really bad at is writing manuals and explaining things. Hence Germans build things in Germany and we write manuals in the USA… 😀 No hard feelings Germans fully acknowledge the fact that Americans can explain anything to anyone.

    This even is a classic Idle Builder / Resource Accumulator game. If you ever played Realm Grinder, Dungeons Inc, AdVenture Capitalis or similar, this is exactly the same.

  40. Birthe Hansen Post author

    I like the event! 🙂 I'm not so focused on getting the buildings – that seems pretty hard – but the minigame is funny. 🙂

  41. Ferenc Belányi Post author

    Na ez az esemény amire egy gyémit sem költök. Senkinek nem ajánlom.Anyira nem éri meg a kelta erdő. Forge-ért nem éri meg. Termékért mégannyira sem. A támadó egységnek plusz támadás és védekezése is elenyésző.

  42. Giant Meteor 2020 Post author

    You know what I’ve noticed is that people with younger cities HATE this game because we don’t have the resources to get as many gold pots as quickly and fulfill the quests as easily, so it’s not going to be as easy for us to just throw gold pots at our cities to get the festival managers to move things along faster knowing that gold pots are a limited resource that we’ll need to open chests. I have been looking around at the cities of my guildmates and my neighbors, and I’ve noticed that people with far more advanced cities (or who are willing to spend diamonds) already have level 1 of the moon gate. Whereas I have 15 more quests to go before I get there, and I’m not even done with the first city

    This is definitely a “if you are more advanced in the game you’ll do well and enjoy it more” kind of event. So the rest of us are being called unskilled or stupid for simply not having the resources of people who have been playing for years

  43. carole robinson Post author

    this event is totaly boring, not relaxing at all,such a bad idea.

  44. Tom Young Post author

    boss at saint patrick’s day event pitch meeting: okay what ya got?

    developer: how about they click on shamrocks and there’s random prizes underneath?

    boss: hmmm….

    developer: alright, how about they search for leprechauns in an enchanted meadow?

    boss: nah…

    developer: okay I got it, here it is, wait for it… supply chain optimization!


  45. Media Content Post author

    My young city was really helped by the Winter Event and the Forgebowl Event. I got lots of FP and cool prizes every day that helped my city along. This event is not helping my city at all. It’s draining my resources, and I can see that it’s going to punish me for not being further along in the game. I’ve already used up most of my supplies on the quests and have only gotten to number 20. Nothing to show for it. And not even done with one city. And the quests are going to get harder and ask for things I can’t do, making it impossible for me to complete them. No Celtic square thingy for me I guess. Way to punish people with younger cities and turn them off of the entire game!

  46. vansplunter eric Post author

    pour cette belle fête irlandaise, les événements sont idiots et impossible, les concepteurs sont surement anti-Irlande

  47. Judson Kramer Post author

    There’s no way to get ahead, plus you have to win a very hard-earned TWO rounds in between to get a main win.

  48. Danielle Michaud Post author

    J'aime beaucoup cet event. Il est inventif et amusant. Bravo!

  49. Fiorella Bidoli Post author

    una volta finiti gli incarichi della prima città perchè non entra nella città successiva?

  50. Inconscio Cêntrico Post author

    4 cities, 9 chests and you did not give a good prize. ZERO celta kits. the game is tottaly manipulated .

  51. Joe Krol Post author

    All the reasons for my next statement are already here. This event TOTALLY SUCKS and made me loose interest in the game. Whomever came up with this pig should be skewered and barbecued.

  52. Joe Krol Post author

    I decided to have more fun than this event. I called all the Department of Motor Vehicle's with in a 100 mile radius to find out who has the longest line then went there to renew my license two years early.

  53. Highland Lass Post author

    Bored already and what another 16 days to go lol , what a rubbish concept

  54. Phillip Dawson Post author

    you cant move on to next town when you click continue even if you complete all the tasks

  55. Cordelia Post author

    Well, if that's what the luck of the Irish is, I don't want it.

  56. CopterCrasher Post author

    I am sure a lot of work went into this event but plz scrap it.

  57. Mav an Post author

    Whoever manages to complete the whole forest with the upgrades, without diamonds send me a postcard. Do you had to also add two rounds between getting a main upgrade its time? It takes at least 2-3 days to finish each one of them (25/25). Shame

  58. Brice Fleckenstein Post author

    This is a joke of an event.
    No daily rewards, so ZERO options on what to worth towards, so you end up with a bunch of junk you don't want and VERY LITTLE you do want – and the "reward set" is so pathetic I'm just selling the pieces off in the auction house when I get them for what little they give there.
    Winter event was a TON better.

  59. Gábor Kővári Post author

    Just having fun clicking on the event city if no other thing to do. Nothing serious so i won't be angry or bored. That's all about it for me.

  60. Zeus Caboose de Jesus Post author

    Im on the 3rd city now. Only maxed out the rewards on 2nd city not 1st. Ez to get to the end of the city but earning enough pots of gold to get all 6 boxes is so hard.

  61. Vicky Grünewald Post author

    Leider ist es teilweise nicht möglich dieses event zu Schaffen da ich zb einen kampf führen doll ich bin jahrhundertwende und mein gegner schon in der moderne….Das kann ich nur verlieren.Schade….verhandlung geht auch nicht da nicht genügend material.Also endet event für mich nach 4tagen

  62. Imad Fawzi Post author

    A very complicated, and non-realistic event, even in numbers ( Trillions , Billions, Etc … ) , truly hard and inconvenience at all !!!

  63. mailboxcat Post author

    I appreciate the effort behind it, but I’m going to ignore this event. Just not for me.

  64. Vicki G Post author

    Well mine must be broken because I have collected 166Q and completed all the tasks and I still cannot progress to the next town.


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