Spenser Confidential – Mark Wahlberg | Official Trailer | Netflix Film

By | January 25, 2020

-What do you say, Spense?
-Not much. How’s it feel getting out? -We have a going-away message for you.
-For me? Give ’em hell, Spenser. Gotcha! You made it.
Try and stay on this side for a while. Let’s go see your girlfriend. Five years ago,
you got yourself sent to prison. -What was I supposed to do? Wait?
-I’m sorry. I love you! How do you like that? Let’s go! -Yo!
-Henry! -What?
-You said I’d have my own room. Hawk, this is Spenser.
Spenser, this is Hawk. You two are gonna be roommates. I’d like you two
to get to know each other. -My friend.
-Hey, what’s up? Heard you just got out. Yo. Get in. -You’re in big trouble.
-For what? You smashed the car through a restaurant! It’s time you tell me
what’s really going on here. Picture this. Dirty cops… drug cartels… and some big politicians,
all working together. When I was a cop,
I was trying to take these guys down… but they framed me. So, what’s the plan? We’re gonna blow this wide open. You want in? No. You don’t get the cool gun. Hawk is the name of a man with a shotgun. Spenser does your taxes. That was good.
I’m gonna let you have your little gun. You never learn your lesson, do ya? You’re gonna do what’s right… with your strong moral code. This isn’t a bar for boyscouts. I thought you knew how to punch. There were five of them. You’re about to walk barefoot
through the gates of hell. That’s how you throw a punch. Holy sh– You got two grown men running around,
playing Batman and Robin. And Alfred, over here. Don’t call me Alfred.

100 thoughts on “Spenser Confidential – Mark Wahlberg | Official Trailer | Netflix Film

  1. Form of Therapy Post author

    Iliza Shlesinger, Post Malone, Marc Maron? color me intrigued.

  2. Keith Hurley Post author

    The original Hawk was the coolest character on TV ever.

  3. Thomas Sleziak Post author

    1:06 song name pls? it is very popular I know, also knew the name of it some years ago 🙁 I forgot, damn.

  4. Orangeflava Post author

    the great stuntman turned background actor Thomas Rosales Jr at 00:59

    he almost always gets killed or a beat down but it looks like Marky Mark is not messing with him in this one.

  5. roxxylala26 Post author

    I love how Mark a native of Boston has lived in Cali for awhile now but stills represents for Boston out in Hollywood. Thanks Bro!

  6. Kev O'Connor Post author

    It won't be a patch on the original but as just a generic buddy cop movie I may have it on at 3am when I can't sleep and bored.

  7. Sheyi. N. Omodunni Post author

    Please can someone tell me the name of the song "orchestra" Hawk was listening to while he was in the car, I need y'all to tell me the title of the song. Thank you.

  8. James Bond Post author

    Should've put mcgregor as an Irish mob knocking out the 2nd prisoner

  9. Steve Everett Post author

    Robert Parker would roll over in his grave if he saw how they have butchered his Spenser, the story is all wrong, This new guy that has taken over the writing of the Spenser series couldn't shine Robert Parker's shoes ! The characters do not follow the originals in Parkers novels, Hawk isn't portrayed correctly , neither is Spenser's girlfriend, this is like a low class, trashy remake of the Spenser detective series, Netflix can do better than this,,,, I'm a longtime Robert Parker fan, have virtually every one of the Spenser novesl,,, this show/movie is extremely disappointing ! I'm actually disappointed that Wahlberg would be involved in this travesty ,,,,

  10. chocolatecigar1 Post author

    That's what happens when you read… people get jealous because they can't .

  11. Tim Colaneri Post author

    Apparently the director or screen writer has never read a Spenser novel. Robert Parker is turning over in his grave. Ace Atkins, who writes the Spenser novels now, should have wrote the screenplay. This looks terrible and is miscast.

  12. Álvaro Gil Post author

    What an original movie.With mark wahlberg doing tough guy

  13. Son Ryu19 Post author

    So we got two grown man acting like Batman & Robin, Alfred over here, old man said don't call me Alfred lol 😂. Going to be a funny and action pack for sure.

  14. Sundas Rafique Post author

    So basically another fast and furious movie except that it has mark whalberg in it

  15. I-am-not-jacko Post author

    Markey Mark's acting is like a disney channel child stars acting

  16. Thom Six Post author

    What a weird cast selection. I'm not sure how to feel abou this

  17. Astronaut Ninja Post author

    Literally the entire Hollywood is going over to Netflix. Wow! I remembered everyone was saying that Disney+ is gonna be the Netflix killer. Where are they now?

  18. Phillip Young Post author

    Netflix has a smash hit on their hands!!! Stocks are rising on this one!!

  19. reddragon52894 Post author

    Oh look, another boring Netflix original that uses the same copy and paste formula for their movies. Take Marky Mark out of this and no one would care as much

  20. Tom Pratz Post author

    That's not fuckin Hawk…. He ain't a shade on Avery Brooks ass…..love Spencer gonna have to see it

  21. Ferdinand Eruka Post author

    You got two grown men running around playing Batman, Robin, and Alfred over here.

  22. IG michaelrmcf Post author

    Even postmalone is kicking Cowboys ass 😂😂😂😂

  23. Kareem Martin Post author

    I know this is almost 30 years since Spencer for hire the TV show; with that said Hawk was well trained and had a genius level intelligent. Please, let Hawk keep at least the well trained aspect.

  24. IntrovertedPerspective Post author

    The thumbnail is cringe, seeing that whalberg is racist

  25. beowulf1417 Post author

    Looks like it gets too big for its britches, you don't need Michael Bay-esque set piece size/destruction, and honestly it looks like that stuff is being used to prop up a weak script strapped to a bunch of cliched scenarios

  26. quibquail Post author

    It's an alternate universe, where Terry Hoitz didn't shoot Derek Jeter.

  27. Brandon Ramirez Post author

    Everyone in here talking about post malone. I could honestly care less, but Cowboy Cerrone , now thats exciting !

  28. Sachin Madheshiya Post author

    It's gonna bomb in the theatre. Am i Right buddy?

  29. J S Post author

    Nice of netflix to show the whole movie in the trailer for subscribers who cant pay for subscription

  30. Cesar 4nier Post author

    Mark Wahlberg, the industry plant playing the same character. Im down for it. Lol

  31. Darius Jordan Post author

    its too soon for me to watch Cowboy getting punched again…

  32. Joanna Post author

    Post Malone: let me sing for you… you’re a sunflo- Mark Wahlberg: 👊🏼

  33. Jan Rudzki Post author

    wish this trailer came out earlier so I could make "thats Cowboy after he murders McGregor" joke :/

  34. Bhushan Salve Post author

    I got two grown men running around playing Batman and Robin, and Alfred over here😂😂😂

  35. hulk fan Post author

    Ugh! Netflix? Mark Wahlburg and Oetwr Berg you're better than this. I guess you're the next director to allow Netflix to make a hole in my bluray shelf next other greats like Paul Greengrass, Martin Scorscese The Coen Brothers Michael Bay and toher big time directors. Give all your movies blurays please. I will never see them.otherwise

  36. Jameel Ja Post author

    Maybe because I'm not a mark Wahlberg fan, but this movies looks very boring and cliché.

  37. ManFuckallyall Post author

    Post malone looks like the inmate in jail that’ll trade you ANYTHING to get his fix 😂

  38. Purge Workouts Post author

    Is that the Donald ceronne that got his ass whooped

  39. Dimitris Bright Post author

    I'm so glad I've never heard of this Spenser shit so I won't have to be a prisoner of nostalgia

  40. ddsmitty1 Post author

    No one who sees this even knows about Spenser For Hire. Probably for the best.


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