Specify landing pages for each of your keywords in Rank Tracker

By | February 15, 2020

Welcome to SEO PowerSuite video training series To ensure maximum traffic and
conversions, it’s not enough for your site to simply
rank for the most profitable keywords the right page has to rank for each keyword and that is the page that visitors will
find useful and relevant to the query In this video you will learn how to use
Rank Tracker to check whether or not the right pages
of your site appear in search results Firstly you need to decide which page
you want to rank for the selected keyword Once you have, launch Rank Tracker and
go to Preferences ->Match keywords to URLs. To
create a new keyword-to-URL match, simply press the Add button, select the
keywords matching the page – however many – and click OK. Now check your rankings as usual. Whenever a
different page comes up in the search results instead of the matched one Rank Tracker
will notify you by highlighting the page’s URL. If needed you can quickly edit or create a new
match right from your working area. Just hover your mouse over the URL column and click the right mouse button. That’s it! Hope you enjoyed our video on
tracking your rankings for particular landing pages. In the next video you will learn to
track geo-specific rankings. Cheers!

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