Sophos Central Endpoint & Intercept X: Allowing Sites through Web Control Policy

By | January 19, 2020

Hey Guys this is Jelan from sophos tech support,
and today we’re looking at How to Allow Sites through the Sophos Central Web Control
policy So a quick overview of what we’re gonna
do today: First in Sophos Central we’ll Make a Website
Tag in Website Management under Global Settings That’s going to allow us to specify a site
to later be allowed or blocked Next we’ll go into our Web Control Policy,
and in controlled sites tagged in website management we’ll add in our tag, and set
it to allow. All the steps we’re gonna be following today
are also outlined in the central admin help guide, and the link for that is available
in the bio. Let’s jump in. So First thing we’re going to want to do
is create a Website Tag. We’ll go to Global Settings>Website Management,
then hit add on the right We’ll Enter the URL, or Domain you want
to allow, in my case it’s going to be Next in the Add Tags section we’ll give
our tag a name, I’ll call mine ‘Allowed Sites. I’ll call it that because multiple websites
can be covered by a single tag. So if you want to allow more sites in the
future you can avoid making numerous tags by just using a generic name. We’ll go ahead and hit save, and we’re
done with our tag Now just adding the tag in website management
won’t actually make any changes for your endpoints, we’ll need to add our new tag
into our Web Control Policy, So let’s find our web control policy. We’ll go back to the dashboard>Endpoint
Protection>Policies>and scroll down to find our web control policy. In my case that’s going to be business only. Let’s click into that, we’ll go to settings,
and we’ll turn on Controlled Sites in Website Management, and let’s add our tag On the right hand side we’ll hit add new,
and our tag should be populated. If you have multiple tags in there just select
it from the website tag dropdown menu. We’ll go ahead and set it to allow. Next we’ll go back to our policy, but before
hitting save we’ll go to Policy Bypassed, and make sure it’s set to Enforced If you don’t enforce the policy, even though
the users assigned to it, it’ll be bypassed and the settings won’t apply
Now we’ll go ahead and hit save, and now we’ve allowed a site through our Web Control
policy Thanks for watching Everyone, if you have
any further questions about Web Control in Sophos Central please checkout our Sophos
Central Admin guide, The Web Control FAQ, or view and post questions at That’s it for me today, stay safe out there.

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