Some SEO Mistakes To Avoid

By | August 12, 2019

James Schramko here with a little SEO tips
video. I’ve just got back a report from my research
and development team and this wasn’t on work done by us. This was actually work done
for a customer by another SEO firm, and I wanted to just tell you about the results.
The first thing we noticed is that this other SEO company has gone and submitted a whole
bunch of directory submissions with the exact same anchor text. So now our client’s site
has got anchor texts for the exact same phrase with all these different directory sites which
are going to be a problem for the Penguin Algorithm which detects too many exactly the
same anchor text links. The other problem is the directories are very
low quality, so it’s just a matter of time until they are de-indexed or discounted. In
fact, there’s very few directories that are worth submitting to and they should be
done by hand. And they should be done with an appropriate anchor text for each directory.
An example of a good directory might be “best of the web”, and you might also have some
“industry” directories that are specific to the type of category that the website is.
Perhaps if you are in the tourism industry, you may have a government directory of tourist
operators and that would be a good directory to be submitting to.
The next thing our research and development team found was evidence that the customer’s
website had been submitted to a whole bunch of bookmarking sites with some kind of tool
that used the exact same phrase on every single submission, and it’s just a matter of time
until those bookmarks are de-indexed and they will also likely trigger the Penguin Algorithm.
Google is designed to stop people getting an unfair advantage, and using spam tools
to automatically submit bookmarks is a very bad idea.
The next thing we found was that this bad SEO team had submitted the exact same article
on mass via some kind of automation to many many article directories. There’s very little
value in having the exact same article out there over and over and over again.
Authority will go to the most powerful site. Now you want to hope that that is the customer’s
site. In some cases it might be a powerful article directory, but after the first few
hundred times of submitting the exact same article, there is very little reason that
you’d want to do that. One of the notable exceptions of course is
a press release where you don’t really get an option to rewrite it over and over again,
but you can certainly write 3 different press releases. And press releases tend to go to
higher authority sites and in many cases will be picked up by sites like Yahoo or Fox as
oppose to just some cheap little automated bot article scraper directory.
And finally the thing that we were most disturbed about was the customer’s site itself had
multiple instances of the exact same content. In other words they had taken the same article
and reprinted it on their own website which makes no sense at all.
There’s absolutely no point repeating an article on your website over and over again.
Once you’ve put it there once, that’s it. In fact, every piece of content you put
on your website should be there for the very first time. If you’re going to put it on
another website, at the very least, rewrite it manually but better to just put a new piece
of content. That’s why we put out new videos every few
days with unique descriptions rather than take the same ones and rewrite them every
single day, over and over and over and over again.
I hope this has been handy for some of the things you should seek to avoid when employing
an SEO company. When we put together our SEO plans, we make sure that we are using quality
sources that are category based and we hand create the content.
The way that we submit our content is a lot more expensive for us because we do it by
hand, but it’s a better result for the customer and its longer lasting too.
So if you’re company is doing auto bot directory submissions or auto bot bookmarking or auto
bot syndication of articles, you might want to consider a different company.
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