Small Business SEO tips for YouTube videos

By | September 3, 2019

a look at what has called my name is
josh garcia of the social aftermath dot com and small business seo that’s one issue with your
children about services that we actually robot cake when things that we can we speak help customers you helping the futures
who have professionally yes fields optio indoor idea hamari too but they’re not did watch it did not get
fed up the right targeted audiences by tightly customers wouldn’t be looking for their
services okay that it’s been that we’d like to do we
like to help customers take take you to video a_t_f_ tim white on the very first
page of google for thereby keyboard here’s a cool thing about the services
absolutely one point two percent risk free therefore you’ve got nothing to lose
i’ve very empty did nothing to get started dispel credit card respects needed now what’s your studio we have to have to deal way on the very first page of google for
your by keyword would you agree tamara tamara fee cake now genesys there’s no long term contract a month
tour i think you can select anytime you cannot use died with this offer
because weirdly taking out all of the financial artillery week to all the work school simply what company investor city kids street
subdued for women computing kids behaving companies in orlando florida it which is working with what people
people in the florida that is due to live but i can wise much percent satisfaction
guaranteed with a off so let’s go and it’s getting scary
people canceling right now the time is twelve fifty six eastern
time friday for breakthrough two thousand twelve up early in orlando florida interruption it was because itis have a client i’m working on right
now dublisky our goal is showing how best to
keep you rate than the very first paycheck here’s our card the art of illinois’ keagan outside outside wreckage outlook well it
was a home inspection company it happened great about tedious already alright ticket and kitty kitty great
amout of fumes for their duties by his affairs easy-to-use studio right here at this is
to do a few aren’t going to be breaking four specific by keyword that they want to call after
ok in that keyword it’s actually naperville home inspection at sixty
accounting global here fairly competitive kiwi why because it
could all be said to be just a market that keyword there not to look at the first patient little
yellow pages on every first page there because second page st gandalf eighty
escaped eclipses jerry pate yourself it is their but on the fourth
page here’s a video right here and that’s the
club that stick like that’s actually hired us that other dat about this when you get
the others biggest showing on the very first its helpdesk i key word here too already have already have to figure out what happened
to create a radio to collect their protest two thousand twelve itis eighty please channel really
disputing maiko lists each achille how that’s aki get this figure short up on
the very first dates are call call in most importantly keepin it they have a mystic here so with that state to small business seo well although my friends house going to
seize josh if the social aftermath dot comment here’s today’s date february twenty
fourth i’m in orlando florida time is one
twenty three p empty street on mccain in before we show you this you just show
you how long it took us to wake that video on the very first page of cool
there cake soaked here’s the here is the first page of google for the keyword
naperville home inspection the very first day to you go you look
down to is to be a youth pastor feel we got higher to avoid to be on this very first page
here now here’s the thing look at this ok we delivered his first eight-year you
see nothing but links a cake what stands out to you west is uppermost list is
uppermost is this video that is the reason why it do deals on
the first page how much higher click to rate it eighty other
these later so what does that mean for you as a business owner that means
you’re gonna have more customers bottom-line more sales bottom-line more
money into your business cake that’s what’s important and do deals under very first page now they
just what the ltte magically appear there’s work there needs to be done and
we specialize into with this kind of work to get videos on the very first
pasted now here’s a preview what have we tell you what it connect with with us a
cake is what you need to do vista visit our site social aftermath
dot com four slash video ill tell you about our services shawls you but so
much a person risk free yugo loose anything because he is the bottom line
of cake if you have the you tube through the ltte island willing to do that as
you work for absolutely free get that to be on the very first page what step
pages on the first built in third that’s what we agreed on upon degree meant that
you pay us for them out there we had agreed up c l_ simple that is it’s only
two percent risk free you have nothing to lose a cake not to reach us all you
have to squabble cell four oh seven seven seven three more to make sure the
asked for josh a cake ask for josh and we’d be able to help you in date
european dealers watched get your biggest weekly more customers
to your business to ur simply died is getting hit on the day
for space just like this video is right here with small business seo my name is josh how disappointed it will talk to you soon

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  1. Melissa Hughes Post author

    What I like Youtube is you have the chance to rank in Google. You can have two chances of exposing your videos from Youtube itself and as well as in search engine.


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