[SKZ VLOG] Changbin : 돼끼, 쏟아지는 아무말

By | February 21, 2020

(February 8, 2020)
– I’ll give a spoiler. My face won’t show up – Oh, really? (Ambitiously started for STAY but it’s
a pour-out-anything VLOG with “no face” and “no context”
*Recommended to watch based on stream of consciousness) Everyone, this place is… Bang Chan and
my family came to a pension for vacation (=I kept sleeping and just woke up) This is the pension we are staying at (Start like this!) Hello, Bang Chan (Bang Chan won’t play with me) Changbin just woke up so I don’t
want to film myself right now (Protecting STAY) Everyone, isn’t the air so refreshing?
Can you hear it? Can you hear it? STAY is crying out loud saying
they miss Changbin (Did you miss me?) Sorry, I guess not Hey, what are you doing? (I’m locked out…) (Trying to escape through the living room) (And I’m barefoot…) (Actually, no one is there) Please open… (Rushing out) What? (I came in and found
an unfamiliar organism) A black kangaroo came to Gangwon-do Province ([Preview] The curse of the black kangaroo) Should I wake up this kangaroo or not! Don’t be nervous! You can do it (Crying out loud) You can do it! Changbin, you can do it! Wake him up? Or not? Don’t wake him up (-The end-) (Successful Bang (Room) escape) (Suddenly introducing the vacation cabin)
Let me introduce you our one-day home (Don’t panic!) (Running into Bang Chan, the kangaroo
during the house tour) What’s that LOL (His presence calls for a zoom out) You can see him over there Oh, no, focus! Don’t! (★Emergency treatment★) (Bang Chan is precious) I’ll cook the meat
(My sister was secretly cooking some meat) Are you going to cook it?
(I kept offering to cook, but she says she really wants to) It’s all an act pretending he wants to help (Older sister?) – Gosh, I’ll cook it. Give it to me!
– No, go away – Oh, really? Should I?
– Okay Okay, I’ll go!
(Changbin is a good brother who listens well to his older sister) – Gosh, I’ll cook. It’s okay. Why not!
– I said, I’m okay too – Oh, is it really okay?
– Yes, it’s really okay – Really? Do you want to cook it?
– Yes (Your happiness is my happiness ^.^) – Then, since I usually cook it a lot, just
for today, you can cook it. Okay? – Okay Okay, let’s do that then – (Mother) Changbin, take the lettuce
– Yes, mother (Finally, the main character of
the thumbnail appears) – Yes, mother. Did you call me?
– Oh, my goodness (La-la-la♪♬) ([Lettuce log] Overnight
travel log with perilla leaves in Gangwon-do Province. “Subscribe” and “Like” welcomed) Eat these vegetables while cooking
(I prepared them for my sister’s health) – I’ll feed you. Gosh, why not?
– Don’t do it (She’s shy today somehow…) You eat this – I’ll do it for you
– Stop it (Sister, I love you) (I know it’s hard to believe but
I’m doing a mukbang now) (I’m eating well holding the camera) It’s delicious. Isn’t it just steak? (Sorry to eat without you, STAY!) (STAY, will you GO eat dinner today too?) (We came outside to look around after the meal)
I’m taller than Bang Chan Bang Chan, lose some weight (Bang Chan is growing well)
Lose some weight (It’s because I’m feeling happy) Crunch (I like the sound it makes
when you step on snow) I wonder who he’s imagining right now
(Bang Chan is looking sentimental…) I think I know STAY… (Bang Chan… You’re so transparent…) Just the sound of that name
makes us happy… STAY♥ (STAY, I love you) (His face appears 3 minutes
and 45 seconds after the beginning of this video) Perfectly armed! (It’s a ski resort, everyone! S.K.I. SKZ-ang! Ski resort)
– Oh, looks fun – Oh, you can see it (Bang Chan is covering his mouth) – Wow, why is it so large?
– It’s a ski resort Bang Chan’s so excited. It’s his first time
coming to a ski resort, and also seeing a ski resort (Bang Chan (24) /
Seen a ski resort for the first time) Is he excited or angry? (I’m happy since he’s happy) – Everyone, we’re
– Wow – It’s a ski resort – It’s a ski resort we
have always wanted to come to but we can’t go skiing (Actually, we couldn’t ski…) We’ll ski over here (Indeed, he messed up the snow) But you’re still at the same place (Bang Chan, I love you) Good morning (Suddenly, the next morning) We’re leaving now (You might be flustered, but it’s time to go home)
We’re done cleaning up (I didn’t mean to show the mosquito net) We’re leaving now (There was a VLOG… But there wasn’t) Is the mood serious? Sorry (I’ll film well next time) (Copying Lee Know) (I was inspired by looking at pine trees) Do-re-mi-fa-sol (I was inspired 2) Changbin, it’s snowing! (El…sa?) I think you let it snow (The end of the pour-out-anything VLOG) (-Cast-) (Seo pig+rabbit, black kangaroo,
my beloved mom and sister, lettuce, black
sesame, crunch, do-re-mi-fa-sol-pine tree, Seo Anna)

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  1. Princess Adindu Post author

    I love these vlogs so much they’re free to do whatever they want and get as much rest as possible 💗💗

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    What is the song called at 4:18? It just blow me away 😂

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    LMAO This vlog is so funny… i'm laughing the whole time.. good job binnie

  4. wlals Post author

    Is no one gonna talk about why Changbin always likes to shake the camera? 😂

    Literally, everytime I see him gets hold of the camera, he shakes it aggressively at least once. 😂😂🤣

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    1:40 chan really felt that “you’ll be surprised i’ll be everywhere”

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    i love this 😂😂❤️❤️ chanbin is the cutest little angel and bangchan is literally a mood

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    Even without subtitles this is amazing x)))) LOVING IT !!!!!!!!! (I hope every member will do a vlog * – *)

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    he’s ADORABLE but i forgot whats the song title on 2:01 tho

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    honestly, i wasn't expecting anything else from changbin vlog 😂

  15. Tatyana Moon Post author

    their friendship is everything and I'm living for these vlogs

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    i wish changbin is my dongsaeng. why dont my brother act cute like that to his noona..

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    seriously seo changbin… the worst cameraman after lee know😂😂😂 this is too short! I need Changbin's Vlog part 2!

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    Necesito que le hagan un canal al bebé, éste Blog fue muy gracioso

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