Six Free and Easy Digital Marketing Tools For Your Small Business

By | August 15, 2019

As a small business owner you are interested
in increasing your discoverability online in free and easy ways. Typically when small business owners- Whenever
I teach my digital marketing classes I have met thousands of
small business owners in New York City – they don’t have a very big budget. Typically they have no budget at all for marketing
So what I have done is I have put together a very short list of free and easy things
that small business owners can do to increase their discoverability online. And the list
is actually quite simple and these are things you can start doing right away. You can
use this list as a checklist in fact. So number one I would say is make sure your
website is mobile optimized. Since around 2014, people have started to
use more mobile devices than desktop devices. And what Google is doing is
they are increasing the likelihood that you will appear on the first page of Google if
your website is mobile optimized. They are giving preference to mobile optimized
websites. If your website is not mobile optimized, definitely
make sure it is because that is going to help your ranking on Google. Number two is claim your business on Google
Maps. So, if you are a business owner and you are
not on Google Maps, you are missing out on a huge opportunity. There are hundreds of millions of users that
use google maps on a daily basis. And if you are not
on there, that is one less way you are not getting traffic to your site. Its a really easy process, you just go to and sign up for free. You can control a bunch of different factors
including your images, your logo, your hours of operation
a link to your website, you can even list your products and services on there, and its
all free. Number three is claim your business on Apple
Maps- similar to google maps, you can get on Apple Maps. Now Apple Maps does not have as large of a
user base as Google does just because it is not as popular as a mapping system, but there
are still a lot of users that use Apple Maps. So what you want to do is head on over to
Apple maps connect and actually sign up for that free service as well. It is super easy to do and it allows you to
control the same things that you can control with Google maps. Number four is claim your Yelp page. If you haven’t claimed your Yelp page yet,
head over to and sign up for a free Yelp page. You do not have to pay for Yelp, contrary
to popular belief. You will get calls from Yelp once you sign
up but just ignore them. They will call you for a little bit but its
not that big of a deal. You don’t have to pay to be on there, it is
a free service. Similar to Google Maps and Apple Maps there
are a lot of things you can do Yelp to optimize your website, and if you are interested I
have a whole other video just for optimizing Yelp, which is a whole other study. Number five is post to social Media. If you are not posting to social
media right now, go ahead and get on Facebook and Instagram and maybe a couple of other
social media channels that you think your customers are using, and start posting there
at least once a week just to make sure you have a presence on there. Its a great way to build your brand awareness
and help your discoverability, it also influences your SEO- the more traffic you get from a
variety of sources the higher you will get on Google- so that is always a good thing. Finally- number six, the last thing I would
recommend is getting to the first page of Google. This is really search engine optimization-
this is SEO. And SEO really involves two things- number
one its onsite SEO, so its all the things you could do on your website to get to the
first page and that includes editing your title tags, your description Tags and your
H1 tags, making sure your keywords are all in those areas. And then there is something called offsite
SEO which is getting backlinks and that basically means just getting other websites to link
to you. And all these things together helps you rank
on the first page of google. So there you have it, these are six free and
easy things I really recommend every small business owner do. You can get started with this stuff right
now, if you would like to read more about this, go ahead and click the link in the description
so you can read all about the six free easy things.

8 thoughts on “Six Free and Easy Digital Marketing Tools For Your Small Business

  1. Ali Naseer Post author

    Umm, I already know all this stuff. Can you post some videos that actually teach me something? 😏

  2. Cristy Palacios Post author

    I had no idea that Google Maps was free and open for any business to get on. Thanks for the advice on that one! Great video.

  3. sdsdsd sdsdsd Post author

    I would also recommend Email if you were going to include one more!


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