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By | August 23, 2019

Every day, thousands of people are
searching online for local businesses in Southern California. They’re looking for everything from
lawyers to dentists to plumbers; from chiropractors to hairdressers to
air conditioning repairman. According to Nielsen Ratings, nine out of
10 people use search engines to find local business. Over one billion local searches every
month. Is your business getting its share? And what do all of these people see when
they search on Google? Are they seeing your business or your
competition? Most business owners understand how critically important it
is to rank at the top of Google’s search results page, but they don’t have the time, expertise
or resources that are needed to get results. For most business owners, unlocking the
secrets to success on Google is a frustrating experience and a major
waste of time and money. Maybe you’ve tried to do
it yourself, only to discover that most books, blogs
and web sites don’t offer useful information, or are completely out of date. Many
business owners spend months trying to improve their rankings, only to end in frustration with no
results to show for their hard work. And did you know that Google makes major
changes to its ranking algorithm two or three times a year? If you don’t
use proper ranking techniques an algorithm change can wipe your
business completely off of Google. Maybe you’ve tried hiring an SEO
consultant or company only to find that most SEO companies are
expensive, lock you into long-term contracts and don’t produce results. No wonder that many businesses give up
in frustration and decide to apply their time, money and
energy to something more productive. At Silicon Beach SEO, we understand your
frustrations and we can help. We specialize in search engine marketing
and nothing else. We achieve multiple page 1 rankings for our clients’ web
sites, Yelp listings, Facebook pages and other
social sites. We work with local and national
companies to help them dominate their competition on Google. We are certified AdWords specialists and
can optimize and manage your PPC ad campaigns. We do all of our work in house by our
team and never hold you to a long-term contract. We work in monthly increments. We want
you to see a clear and fast return on your investment. If you’re ready to get started please
begin by completing a partner application form today.

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