[showcase] Google E-A-T Quality Guidelines – Show Us Prove SEO strategy

By | August 30, 2019

Google E-A-T quality standards revealed a huge part of google search algorithm. Basically every top ranked website follows these criteria. And Google love to eat their content. I am getting hungry too… Ok, now is better, let’s go on… E refer to Expertise You need to show your certificates and as famous organization they are issued by as better effect have on google and your audience. Good point to start is google itself. I have one of their Google Analytics Qualified Individual. Also you can research in Udemy database, there are huge volume of digital marketing courses that offer certificates. Other good place I have experience with is HubSput Academy, the courses there are very informative and practical + that they are well known brand in the area. A refers to Authoritative – Here I want to point two main lines. Quality and Quantity. Quality means if famous people refer to you. As example if Neil Patel mention me in a video it will higher my authority. Quantity is the opposite, if a lot of people share my content and you visit my page which shows 1228 shares on facebook this also highers my Authority. If you are in the beginning may be it will be easier to get quantity instead of quality. Just start to participate in social discussions in YouTube or Facebook, join some expert groups and so on and so on. You need time and consistency to make this working. The last word is Trustworthy for the letter T. Just ask yourselves Who do you trust? Of course the people that have proof for their words. Use your own experience, if you don’t have such use others`. Read examples and mention them in your articles. I create a free PDF with a step-by-step guide to fulfill Google E-A-T requirements called Show Us Proof SEO strategy. You can download it for free from by blog. You will find link in the description. Don’t forget to subscribe for my channel

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