Should Your Domain Name Contain Keywords to Boost SEO Rankings?

By | August 12, 2019

You’re creating a website, you want to rank
high on Google. Should your domain name contain a keyword
or should it not? Hey, everyone, I’m Neil Patel and today I’m
going to answer the question of, should your domain name contain keywords? Well, if you want to rank higher, of course,
having keywords really does help. Just look at Why do they rank so well for all the hotel
related term is because they have hotels within their domain name. Now this doesn’t mean they’re the largest
site within the space. Priceline is a much larger company. is owned by Expedia. isn’t even the most popular hotel
booking site. is. doesn’t have the keyword within
their domain. If you do have the keyword within your domain
name, it does make it easier to rank but, if you don’t, that’s okay. Look at I rank for online marketing. The word online marketing isn’t in my domain
name. But, if you want to rank, you want to make
sure the keyword is within your URL. If you look at the term online marketing,
that word is within the URL of the page that ranks on Google for online marketing. So the short answer is, should you have the
keyword within your domain? Yeah, if you can get a domain that’s keyword
rich, sure get one. If you can’t get the keyword in your domain
and you’re thinking about getting a more longer domain name, such as,
it’s not really worth it because it’s not memorable. People aren’t going to be typing that within
Google, and you don’t want to be calling your company that. So, if you can get a short domain like,, which are almost always taken these days but, if you have the money, go
and buy them. If you don’t, make your domain anything out
there, anything that’s re-memorable, brandable, something that really resembles your business
that you like. And just make sure you include the keywords
within the URL.

13 thoughts on “Should Your Domain Name Contain Keywords to Boost SEO Rankings?

  1. Abhishek Rajput Post author

    Neil how many months you worked on your first blog and earn profit.

  2. Samar's Gadgets World Post author

    you are already best I seen your name first
    awesome video
    please also make videos of some secrets of your marketing
    I love you and keep on supporting forever

  3. Chandan Chakraborty Post author

    Hi Neil,
    I am freelance web designer and I need to start my website and showcase my portfolio and want to blogging, the purpose is i want to expert in my industry or niche and get freelance job. As like you did for online marketing. And I want same for web development niche. I not understand I will start with my own personal domain name  "" or any company branded domain name like (Brand name) or Which one is good for me?  What you suggest?
    If I use my name do you think it's longer domain? Please help! Thanks.

  4. Edustenia Post author

    Neil if I have 100 articles, and in a month I start making a YouTube video for each article, using the same title, does that count as duplicate content for Google?

  5. Reverse Magic Post author

    IS portfolio important, do u have you portfolio site.

  6. Shubham SpawN Post author

    You are Absolutely Right Whenever I Want some Tricks About Something,
    This Website Comes First –
    I Love Your Video Neil. Kudos To You
    My Regards.

  7. Sentinel Post author

    hey neil. thank you for another important video but,

    i just have to ask you that, what if i want to start blog within the category of making money online and business ideas and what if my domain name contains both Money and Business in my DOMAIN name ( not URL as you said ). So it it good choice to go for domain which having this words in it ? is it good with Hummingbird ? what you will suggest . go for it or not ?

  8. Lucas Boyd Post author

    Short and sweet! Too many people over explain this process! Great video…subbed!

  9. TECH OH SO CRAZY Post author

    Thanks for the video but I wanted to ask a more specific question, does a .com rank higher than a .online, i mean does it affect your ranking on Google search

  10. Hasan Mohammad Post author

    Extremely informative. Thanks for the video.

  11. Swaroop Jain Post author

    I have buyied a domain which is keyword related tell me how hard is to rank it plzzz
    And can you make a video on how you can easily rank on any keyword with freetools because it help small blogger like me…
    Plzz Neil Reply me

  12. Harshit Mishra Post author

    Hey Neil
    I have done mistake while creating my domain it has a very messy name but some of the keywords rank really high on the first page to the first link some time but I don't get enough amounts of traffic…


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