Should Tifway Bermuda Grass Be Cut on a Low Setting? Sugar Land Pearland Missouri City

By | August 29, 2019

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Should Tifway Bermuda be cut on a low or high setting? The answer to that is that it depends.
Tifway, Bermuda grass, one of its primary uses is on sports fields, and primarily on
tee boxes and fairways of golf courses. It grows together very fast and it’s a very fine
bladed Bermuda grass so that it looks real nice when it is cut short. If it’s cut frequently
enough and short enough it can give that golf course like, carpet like look, and the tough
part about that is that the only way to do that and to cut that frequently and low, you
have to not have a rotary style mower which is what the traditional home owner mower is.
The blade goes around, you have a 12 or 16 inch blade that turns around like this, that’s
a rotary mower. You have to have a reel type mower, which is what you see on the golf courses
and they spin around like this, very short like scissors. Those mowers are very expensive
to purchase and very expensive to maintain, and if you hire a service that has one they’re
going to be very expensive. And not only that, the golf course probably mows the grass every
day or every other day. It’s not economical or feasible for a homeowner to do that, so
that is a very very hard or expensive thing to achieve, having low-cut Tifway Bermuda
grass. You do cut traditionally, even a homeowner who is mowing every 5 to 7 days, yes you should
cut the Tifway a little bit lower, you should never ever go over seven days with it. If
you dig down in Tifway, you’re going to get about the top third is green leaf and it’s
nice, but if you dig down a little bit deeper you going to see nothing but brown stems.
So if you cut more than the top third of that off, you going to cut down to nothing but
the stems. That looks ugly and it’s also very stressful on the grass. So frequent mowing
and a little bit shorter mowings is important with the Tifway. Whereas the typical year-round
height for the St. Augustine is around 3 1/2 inches, on average Tif is probably an inch
shorter than that at least. That’s one of the reasons why you never want to go more
than seven days without mowing Tif.}

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