22 thoughts on “Should I use underscores or hyphens in URLs?

  1. Andy Mabbett Post author

    People are already using underscores as separators, Google should honour that, rather then trying to specify what people should. use.

  2. somfplease Post author

    underscores make things easier to read in a url especially if posted as a link.

    mouseover "QuickList" or "Account" at the top on this page (if logged in). Doesn't google own youtube?

  3. TheDonBarracuda Post author

    I don't think Google needs to worry about their own sites since they own the search engine. + I'm unsure how much of the internal link structure has changed after the Google buy out.

  4. Sébastien Brodeur Post author

    I know a lots of site use underscore in their URL. It make sense to me than Google treat underscore has a separator. Please, pretty please.

  5. adam goodrich Post author

    I find this odd to state hyphens as a preferred separator. Google had no problems with underscores at the outset, but hyphens were originally used predominantly by "spammy" bot-created sites. Just for logic sake, wouldn't you put more weight on the underscore knowing this info, if it were up to you?

  6. Flyborg Post author

    Is this still true? I use underscores because it's easier to read, and it's closer to spaces. Hyphens look strange to me. A lot of other people use underscores as well, so I'm confused as to why Google wouldn't "count" them as seperators.

  7. Gazinbali Post author

    ok. My comment as a NON seo Guru.. i just went to register a site.. the name . lets say.. mynewdog dotcom
    when i enter the full text.. the site is taken, when i enter my-new-dog dotcom
    that name is available.. when I enter my_new_dogdotcom.. it resolves the same as the plain text and the domain is taken.. I dont know how this fits into the seo

  8. Shakaama Post author

    I find it much easier to see Underscore, than a dash. And more importantly, I use that as a convention throughout my website, so noone ever gets confused as to what the url is. So they can predict what a url is, or even if they forget, they know it's going to be underscore and not dash.

    Dash just looks juvenile to me.

  9. Colin Edmiston Post author

    yeah, i've been using a mix,but defiantly the underscore should be a separator, it goes back to the days of writing code, programmers have always used underscores, my programming teacher nearly shot me for using a dash!

  10. shagster1970 Post author

    Wow – if your worried about hyphens or underscores your business/website is in trouble.!

  11. Jason Matthews Post author

    I cannot register a domain with underscore in the URL at godaddy or register.com, so is that something they recently changed? Because of that, I'll use hyphens.

  12. shagster1970 Post author

    @AngelsRamin Dont worry mate – I run more successful websites that rank than I care to count. (More than 500.) I was merely saying that you dont need to be that worried about the minute detail to have a successful income producing website.

  13. imavex Post author

    We use hyphens in all our URLs. We also use all lowercase letters. The _ just doesn't look good.

  14. Spook SEO Post author

    My two cents about it is that adding hyphens or underscores in URL doesn't have much relevance in it. SEOs shouldn't even bother themselves with this because there are other things that can help your SEO like creating quality connections with web masters for link building (among many others).

  15. Brandon Speagle Post author

    many people forget to include the hyphen, for that reason alone I would steer clear

  16. Sharcs Post author

    Quick question anyone, does it matter which one you use in things like divs or image names? (Underscores or hyphens I mean)

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  18. KozzyArts Post author

    do you put an underscore in a URL to someone's channel if they have a space in their name??


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