Should I sell on Amazon and Etsy?

By | August 23, 2019

Should you be using Amazon and Etsy to sell
your product? I think absolutely, yes. But it shouldn’t be your primary method of
selling your product. There are a couple reasons for this and I
refer to this as the Hub & Spoke model. It says that everything should point to your
website. So yes you should sell on Amazon, yes you
should sell on Etsy. Those are great ways for people to discover
your product, but the problem with those websites is that you are surrounded by your competitors. When someone is on Etsy shopping for jewelry,
they have no choice but to look at everyone else’s products on the left and right side. When you get them to your website, you control
the conversation. There are a couple other benefits of driving
traffic to your website too. First, it is lower cost; your not sharing
some of your profit with Amazon and Etsy. secondly, you get to choose your payment processor. With Amazon and Etsy you really don’t have
a choice of what payment processor they are using- it is up to them. With your website, you get to choose if you
want to use FirstData, Square, Chase, or PayPal. You get to control everything on your own

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