Should I Buy SEO from Fiverr? | Three Tips to Save you Money

By | August 26, 2019

Should you buy SEO from Fiverr?

If you aren’t hip to it, Fiverr is a cool online marketplace where providers advertise “gigs,” usually for only $5.

Sample tasks include basic graphic and web design, copy writing, video editing, and data entry.

TONS of tasks are advertised as gigs on Fiverr … but you have to be careful!

Unscrupulous Fiverr giggers can waste your time and money, and even do damage to your profitability for years.

SEO tasks are notorious for such Fiverr abuse.

We get it … it’s tempting. Making you #1 in Google searches … a service that usually costs hundreds or thousands of dollars a month, done for $50 or $100?

Paul takes the Fiverr SEO giggers to task by inviting you to consider three questions before purchasing Fiverr gigs, SEO in particular:

1) Is it too good to be true? Could you imagine a skilled person doing the gig in 20-60 minutes? Is that physically possible? (Keep in mind that SEO usually takes weeks or months, hundreds or even thousands of dollars of overheard, and hours and hours of skilled digital labor.)

2) What’s the angle? $5/hour isn’t a high wage in most countries with skilled digital labor force, and Fiverr giggers aren’t working for slave wages out of the goodness of their hearts.

Many Fiverr giggers are offering you services at a discounted rate to get their foot in the door … best case scenario, they over-deliver and make you a happy customer, opening you up to paying full price for other services on the basis of their great work.

Or the angle could be less altruistic, which brings us to …

3) Is it a scam? In the case of SEO, unscrupulous Fiverr giggers could engage in unethical SEO practices that temporarily boost your web site’s ranking, only to get you slapped with penalties by the search engine when they catch you …

… and then you’re banished to page 50 on those searches. Then the Fiverr con man who screwed you … wait for it … is asking for MORE MONEY to undo the damage he caused. He might have even reported you to the search engines himself.

It’s happened. A lot. Don’t fall for it – there’s real risk to your business.

Maybe you can buy some small, targeted SEO tasks on Fiverr, but for a big SEO campaign .. to “get you to the top of Google?” Trust an expert, who can explain his or her strategy to you and has your bottom line in mind … because that’s all that justifies that big fee.
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