Should I build links using article directories?

By | November 7, 2019

Today’s question
comes from India. Deepika asks, “Links from
relevant content in article directories– is that
seen as good or bad? For example, I link
my beauty website from a cosmetic surgery
article on, say, Ezine. Would you do that?” So I think over time,
article directories have gotten a little
bit of a worse name. So just to refresh
everybody’s memory, an article directory
is, basically, where you write 300, 400,
or 500 words of content, and then you’ll include a
little bio or some information about you at the
bottom of the article, and you might have,
say, three links with keyword-rich anchor text
at the bottom of that article. And then you’d submit
that to a bunch of what are known as article
directories, which then anybody can download, or maybe
they pay to download them, and they’ll use them
on their own website. And the theory behind
that is that if somebody finds it useful and puts
it on their web page, then you might get a few links. Now, in practice,
what we’ve seen is this often tends to be a
little bit of lower quality stuff. And in fact, we’ve seen
more and more instances where you end up with
really spammy content, getting sprayed and syndicated
all over the entire web. So in my particular
opinion, article directories and just trying to
write one article and just syndicating it
wildly, or just uploading it to every site in the world and
hoping that everybody else will download it and use
it on their website, I wouldn’t necessarily count
on that being effective. We certainly have some
algorithmic things that would mean
that it’s probably a little less likely
to be successful now compared to a few
years ago, for example. So my personal recommendation
would be probably not to upload an article like that.

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