Should I Be Advertising on Instagram? | Benefits and Drawbacks 2018

By | August 13, 2019

Should you be using Instagram advertising? If your customers or prospects are using Instagram,
then yes, I absolutely think you should try out Instagram ads. It is really easy and inexpensive to get started
with Instagram ads, and its really effective. There are 800 million active users on Instagram
right now. That is a reason in it of itself to consider
using Instagram. But, the most important reason to be using
Instagram ads is because of all the information you can use to target your customer. For example, if you are looking for a certain
kind of customer that makes a certain amount of money, or has a certain background such
as education, or lives in a specific geographic area, you can fine tune your targeting to
reach those exact customers. And deliver them the exact type of message
they are looking to see. It is an incredible powerful tool and I encourage
you to learn more about Instagram below.

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