Should I add “near me” to the title tag for local SEO?

By | August 10, 2019

Hello, this is John Locke, and today we’re
answering a question. This comes to us from Reddit. The question goes, “I recently talked with
a SEO consultant and they advised me that I would be able to rank for some of the local
search terms in my area if I added ‘near me’ to the title tag. So, in other words, if I was based in Atlanta
and I’m trying to rank for veterinarian, if I put ‘veterinarian near me’ in the title
tag, that would allow me to rank. So the question is, do you think that that’s
a solid SEO strategy, yes or no?” Okay, so here’s my opinion on this. Google has other signals besides the title
tag to know where you’re at. For example, if you have a Google My Business
profile, then it’s going to know what city you’re in. If you’re trying to rank in the three pack
map that’s at the very top of the search results, where they list three businesses, a lot of
that is going to be dictated by the proximity of the searcher to your location. So if there’s 18 different veterinarians in
the area and they’re closer to some other ones, then you’re not going to be in the map. But if there’s only three or four or five
in the area, and you’re one of those highly rated ones, then it’s probably pretty likely
that you’re going to be in the map. So what I see in a lot of the Google search
results pages when it comes to local SEO, usually how the page is laid out is … Let’s
say if you’re doing any type of local search, whether it’s, we’ll just say, “electrician
in Plano, Texas,” or if you’re living in Plano, Texas and you’re searching for, “electrician
near me.” Usually how it goes is, the three pack map,
there will be a Yelp landing page with the top people that they rate, whatever business
it is, at the top. Usually up near the top, there’s going to
be what Google considers to be the most trustworthy, or the closest to the center of the city,
or the biggest branded result for whatever that search is. Whether it’s electrician, manufacturing plant,
veterinarian, pet sitter, iPhone repair, it wouldn’t really matter. So the map, Yelp, whatever the biggest brand
is. If this is a niche industry and there is another
place where things can be listed, for example, if it’s auto repair, it might be on RepairPal,
there might be a landing page, or BenzShops or BimmerShops, something like that. You might also see on page one, a Thumbtack
landing page, a lot of local SEO things end up there. But you’ll see a bunch of mixed results. But no, adding, “near me,” to the title tag
is not going to improve your chances. I think a lot of people get hung up on this,
this is more of a SEO tactic, it’s more of a trick, it’s more of a way to trick Google
into ranking you higher when you maybe normally wouldn’t deserve to be there. But no, Google has tons of information. They have your address from all of your other
profiles, like Facebook, Google My Business, Yelp, your own website. I’m sure city records, your DBA, anything
like that. So they know where you’re at. I would advise against that. What I would advise you to do is, put the
city and the state abbreviation in the title tag. If you’re really targeting just people in
one city or one metro area, then on the home page or whatever page it is that you’re targeting,
put your brand name, what you do, and the city and the state abbreviation. That would be a lot more effective than putting,
“near me,” in the title tag. Hope that answers your question. This is John Locke for Lockedown Design & SEO. We help industrial and manufacturing companies
with SEO so they get more RFQs. If you have a SEO question, leave it in the
comments below. We’ll answer it out in a future video. We’re putting out videos every week, so be
sure to subscribe. Until next time, peace.

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