Shorby Review & Walkthrough – Drive Traffic from Instagram [AppSumo Lifetime Deal]

By | August 28, 2019

(playful chimes) – [Sandeep] Hey, everyone. This is Sandeep here from 99signals and today, I want to talk about a very interesting product called Shorby, which is currently being
offered by AppSumo at 73% off, so we’ll talk about that
deal a little later. You can find a link in the description if you want to go to the
AppSumo page on this deal. In my opinion, this is
one of the best deals that AppSumo has offered this year and I’m really glad that I
have bought it from AppSumo because it’s a tool which allows you to drive traffic from Instagram. So, if you have a business
profile on Instagram, you’d know one of the greatest challenges is to drive traffic from
Instagram back to your website or any landing page where
you’re promoting an offer. So, that’s been a challenge with Instagram and I don’t think Facebook, the
parent company of Instagram, is resolving that problem any time soon. But Shorby will resolve
that problem for you as you will see later on. This is a tool which will allow you to create a custom link and you can copy and paste this link onto
your Instagram profile. So, before I do the walkthrough, I want to talk about Shorby a little. I want to give more details about what this tool does for you and I also want to talk
about the AppSumo deal, what it is you’re getting,
what’s included in the deal. So, we’ll talk about that
but if you’re already aware of the AppSumo deal and
if you know about Shorby, then you can skip to the section where I do the walkthrough. You can find the timestamps in the description of this video. So, let me now explain
what Shorby does for you. It is a tool that optimizes
your Instagram traffic with clickable links,
messengers, and social networks. So, you can provide links
to your latest blog post, your latest videos, your podcast episodes. You can even provide
links to your messengers, your Skype messenger,
your Facebook messenger, or any other messenger that
you’re using, even WhatsApp. And you can, of course, provide links to your social networks. In the custom profile
that you’ll be creating on Shorby, you can do all this. And as I said, it allows you to sidestep Instagram’s one bio in link limitation and you can create a link that’ll take Instagram users to your custom profile. So, if you have a business
profile on Instagram, you’ll know that there’s only
one link that we can include. You can’t do that for individual posts. Every time you’re
promoting a blog post or, in this case, I’m promoting
my latest podcast episode, I can just say click link in our bio. But every time you promote
something like this, you need to keep changing the links, you need to insert the
link of your podcast or you need to insert the
link of your blog post or anything that you’re promoting. With Shorby, you can sidestep this and you’ll see what you can do in the walkthrough that I’ll do later. As I said, your Shorby profile
can contain multiple links. Links to your messengers and also, links to your social networks. Now, let’s examine some of the pricing plans on the Shorby website. So, they offer three
plans: The Start Plan, Pro Plan, and the Agency Plan. And AppSumo is currently
offering the lifetime access deal on the Start Plan, which
is their basic plan. So, there are a few differences
between these plans. They key differences are with Start Plan, you can just integrate one ad platform whereas on Pro and Agency Plans, you can integrate seven ad platforms. So, if you have multiple ad
platforms where you run at, like Facebook ads,
Google ads, and Bing ads, then Pro and Agency Plan can
help you integrate all of them. But with the Start Plan, you can just integrate one ad platform. The second key deference is that you can only create ten branded
links with the Start Plan. With Pro, you can create
unlimited branded links. So, when I’m doing the walkthrough, I’ll show you what a branded link is. So, with the Start Plan, you can only track up to 3000 clicks. With the Pro Plan, you can track 30,000 and with the Agency Plan, you can track up to one million clicks. So, while you can track unlimited
clicks on all the plans, with smart clicks, what you can see is how many of those clicks were from genuine users of Instagram and how many of them
were coming from bots. So, you may have seen a lot
of bot activity on Instagram. Instagram is trying to
restrict bot activity, but it still happens. So, if you are someone who
values analytics a lot, then you would probably be happy with the Pro and Agency Plan
because with both these plans, you can integrate Google
Analytics as well. With the Start Plan, you can’t do that and, as I said, you can
only track 3000 clicks. And the other reason why you may not be very happy with the Start Plan is if you have a lot of team members, if you operate a large
agency with a large clientele and you have a lot of team members and you would like to create different log in credentials for them, then you would definitely be
happy with the Agency Plan. If you are someone
who’s running a start up or a small boutique agency,
or if you have just a blog or a few blogs that you’re operating and you would like to drive traffic to those websites from Instagram, then you’ll be pretty
happy with the Start Plan and currently, AppSumo is offering the lifetime access on this plan. This is what you get with
the Shorby AppSumo deal. So, everything that you can see here is included in the Shorby AppSumo deal. Actual price of the Start
Plan is $9 per month and AppSumo is offering lifetime access on this plan for just $29. One good thing about this is, obviously, you will also have future
updates to Shorby Start Plan. So, if you buy this deal from AppSumo, any future updates that’ll
happen to the Start Plan, maybe they’ll increase the
number of branded clicks or the number of bio clicks and the number of clicks that can track. All these future updates will be included in the Shorby plan that
you’re buying from AppSumo. So, that it. I mean, I feel this is a really good deal. This, like I said in the beginning, this is one of the best deals that AppSumo is offering this year. And now, I’ll be providing a
short walkthrough of Shorby to see some of the key features and also, show you how
the Shorby profile looks. So, let’s move on to that. Here we go. This is the Shorby dashboard
and as you can see, there are already three Shorby
profiles which I’ve created. One belongs to my marketing
blog, which is 99signals. The other is my agency, which
is Startup Cafe Digital. And I have a wellness blog as
well, called Soulful Arogya, and I’ve created a Shorby
profile for that as well. So, when you log in, you just have to click on Create Bio link
and you’ll be directed to a page that looks like this. Just give it a few seconds to load. Here it is. Now, this is a complete Shorby profile. I have added some important
links to my website, to some of the videos, and also, to the latest podcast episode, which I’ve been promoting on Instagram. So, this is how it
looks and I’ve not added any messenger links,
at least for 99signals, because it doesn’t make much sense for me to add my messenger details here. But for my agency profile,
like I’ll show you later, I have added a link to Skype. So, when you click the plus button, you have an option to provide
your messenger username. This is how it’ll look. And if you’re someone who
doesn’t use messenger, like if you prefer Skype or WhatsApp, you can add details for that as well. Some people have messenger bots that they’ve created for their pages, so it would make sense for you to have a link to your bot here. If you are running a business where you value customer service a lot and Instagram is one of your
primary channels to, you know, engage with your audience
and interact with them, then it would make sense for you to include a link to
your preferred messenger. Now, moving on, let me just delete this. So, these are all the
link that I’ve added. It’s pretty simple to add a link. You just click on the Add Link button. You just provide the URL
to your latest blog post, video, or any landing page
and just give it a title here and that link will be live. So, this is how my Shorby
profile looks at the moment. I’ll also show you how
it was designed this way. You have an option to control the design of your Shorby profile and you can play around
with a lot of settings. You can play around with a
lot of style setting here. So, I’ll get to that later. But for now, you may be seeing this link which is popping up. So, this is because I have
highlighted this link. This is one of my latest podcast episodes and I recently uploaded
an image on Instagram which basically prompts people
to click link in the bio and since there are so many clicks here, I wanted this link to
be highlighted this way. So, it’s very simple to
highlight a link on Shorby. You just click on the three dots next to a link that you’ve created
and click on Highlight. So, if I want to highlight this, say I’m promoting this particular video that I created for PromoRepublic, I just click on Highlight and this particular
link will be popping up. So, this is a really cool feature because when you’re giving so many choices to your Instagram followers, then they will definitely
want to know where to go. So, it can be really useful
to highlight the link that you are planning to promote and the link where you would like your Instagram users to visit. So, this is a really cool feature. Let me just get back to
highlighting the podcast episode and now, the final thing you can see all the links to social
profiles that I’ve added here. So, you can add links to all
the major social platforms. You can even add a link to your Patreon if you are a Patreon user. With all the social profiles
that I’ve added here, you just had to provide the username. If you don’t know the
username, for example, if your YouTube has a very general URL, then you can just type the URL here and Shorby will pick it up. Once all these links have been added and links to your social
profiles have been added, you just need to save
this and you will have a page that looks very similar to this. Now, you have a lot of
style settings as well. So, when you go to Settings and Style, you can change the bio link alias here. So, any link that you
create will be your brand name or whatever it is that you like your bio link alias to be. You can also give a page title here and interestingly, you can
also add tracking pixels. So, if you’d like to repeat target people who have visited your Shorby profile, then you can just type
your Facebook Pixel ID here and you can retarget these users. And you can retarget users,
not just on Facebook, but also on these platforms. So, you just have to provide the Pixel ID for each of these platforms
and you’ll be able to create retargeting campaigns. Now, this is where you can play around with the styling of your
page, the design of your page and you can choose different colors here. So, you can stay true
to your color pallette. So, when you first create
a profile on Shorby, this is what it’ll look like. To be exact, this is what it looks like. It looks very plain. So, obviously, you would like to style it and this is the page you have
come to to change all this. So, I like rounded buttons
more than square buttons and I also like outlined buttons. I just feel they look much neater. And then, you can choose any
of these design patterns here. So, there are a lot of options available. You can stay true to your color pallette or you can choose any of these things. So, this is how your
Shorby profile will look once you have selected
any of these themes. So, let me just get back to
what I had selected initially. These two look very similar,
but I think this is gradient. So, yeah, this looks better. And then, by default, you’ll see something called Powered by Shorby at the bottom. So, when users click on this, they go to the Shorby website. So, if you want to remove this,
you can just deselect this so it looks more professional this way. It really looks like a custom page. So, it’s really cool that Shorby has given this option on their basic plan and it’s included in the AppSumo deal. A lot of basic plans usually have an affiliate link at the bottom or just a link at the bottom so that they can get a lot of referral
traffic from their users. But luckily, you can remove this if you don’t want any traffic
to go to the Shorby website. So as it is, there are several options out here for users to click on. You wouldn’t want to give
them one more choice here. So, I’ve removed it, I’ve deselected it. So, once you have selected the theme, you can just save it and that’s it. So, I feel this looks really neat. So, you may have other ideas on how your Shorby profile should look and a great thing about
Shorby is it gives you a lot of styling options,
as you can see here. I’ll also show you how
my other profiles look. So, let me just go to my agency profile. Like I said, I have
provided a link to Skype. I’ve not really paid much attention to how the design of
this page should look, so I’ve not really
spent much time on this. So, when you’re happy with the profile that you created on Shorby, you can just copy this
from the dashboard itself and just change the URL
here like I’ve done. So, this is the recent post
which I was talking about where I’ve created a graphic
for my latest podcast episode and I’ve just included this message here: Click link in our bio to
listen to the episode. And when they click on the bio link, they’ll go to the Shorby
profile which I’ve just created and as you can see, this link
is being highlighted here. This is a really cool way to
drive traffic from Instagram. Maybe in the future, Instagram
will provide an update where you can drive traffic directly from a photo that you have uploaded, but at this point of time,
there’s no such update. They want users to stay
engaged on the platform. They don’t want anyone
to leave the platform. Until that time, you can
use a service like Shorby. I also spoke about branded links and I’ll show you how that works. This is one of the
articles on 99signals blog and I would like to create
a branded link for this, so let me just copy the URL and I just need to paste
it here in this box and just create a branded
link here for this. So, this is the branded
link that I just created and like I said, it’s not
a major differentiator. With the other plans, you can created unlimited branded links but I don’t have much use for this. I’m pretty happy with the three profiles that I’ve created on Shorby and for me, this is like, the key feature
of this particular tool. The other differences, of course, you can track up to 3000
clicks on the Start Plan. So, you can see the clicks
that have generated so far for the Shorby profiles that I’ve created. You can go up to 3000 for this but with the other plans,
you get unlimited clicks. Like I said, if you value analytics a lot, then it would make sense for you to upgrade to any of the other paid plans. But for the AppSumo plan
that you’re getting, you can just track up to 3000 clicks. So, it’s just been a day
since I started using it and I would have to
evaluate the kind of traffic that I’ve getting from Shorby. As you know, Instagram
doesn’t let you include any sort of links in the description. At least, the links that you include will not be clickable
unless the link is on IGTV. But let’s face it, a lot of people are not using IGTV at this moment. So, until the time that Instagram allows marketers to include
links with each post, you can use Shorby and like
I mentioned, you can find the link to the AppSumo
Shorby deal in the description and I’m pretty sure the deal will be live on their site for a week or two, so be sure to grab it if you are someone who values the social network a lot and if you feel that, until now, you haven’t got a lot
of traction through it, at least in terms of traffic, then Shorby is a product
that you can sign up for. So, thank you so much
for watching this video. I hope you found this review
and walkthrough useful. Please support this channel by subscribing and you can also visit You’ll find a lot of
reviews of marketing tools and you’ll also see a lot of SEO blogging and marketing tips there. Thanks once again for watching. I’ll be doing a lot of tutorials, not just of AppSumo deals, but also of other
marketing products as well. So, please support this channel and hit the subscribe button
and I’ll see you guys soon. (playful chimes)

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