Shocking Secret Given Out For Free ๐Ÿคช How To Outsource Your SEO in 2019

By | August 10, 2019

SEO, optimization, outsourcing. The question
of this video is how to outsource your SEO. And you probably clicked on this video because
either, A – you’re interested in SEO or you want to outsource it. First of all, if your
new to this channel and you’re just starting out, SEO stands for search engine optimization.
For reference in this video, we use the abbreviation SEO to reference to Google. Ah, ah, sorry,
ah, what was that? I wasn’t listening. Well, now is the time to start. Not only that, I
can promise you that you’ll learn a few new things. If you stick until the end of the
video. First of all, what is SEO and how does it affect your business? Check out my other
video to find out it’s probably somewhere in the cart above me, so make sure you check
that out. Pause this video, don’t exit and then come back. But it’s basically a systematic
approach to ranking on Google. Ranking means getting better results on search phrases,
key phrases. For example, if you’re a carpet maker and someone types carpet, you want to
appear in search results as high as possible so you get the most impressions, click through
rate that results in traffic that ultimately result in, uh, traffic leads, uh, uh, dog
food– sales. What is outsourcing? Paying someone to do something for you?  But why
would I do that? I can always do things better myself. Maybe that’s true but let’s think
of a daily schedule that you will have if you’re a normal person running the dropshipping
business. And let’s say for the purpose of this example, that you’re working from 9:00
to 5:30, which is eight hours with 30 minutes of lunch break. 9:00 to 11:00 AM, shipment
fulfillment. 11:00 to 12:00 AM, replying to customers and [00:02:11]. 12:00 to 12:30,
lunch. 12:30 to 14:30 optimize your ads, analyze and check your analytics and work on new ads.
14:30 to 15:30 branching out, figuring some new ideas, conducting influencers. 15:30 to
17:30, working on SEO. Now let’s see what you can achieve if you’re outsourcing some
of those activities. 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM, you contact your virtual assistant that helps
you with drop shipping fulfillment. That takes a few minutes to see how’s it going. Then
you check out with your virtual assistant that helps you with your SEO, maybe you have
to contact him only once per week. At the same time of this, the drop- the drop shipping
fulfillment can do your customer support because he only the kind of understands the problem
because he’s feeling all this information all day. And he can help you in the meantime,
because you probably don’t have that much work in dropship fulfillment to fill his time,
to handle the customer support for you. Because this is a big issue with most businesses like
even if you sell good, you have a lot of issues with, ah, delivery times especially in dropshipping,
if you’re shipping time, you have a lot of shipping issues, extended delivery time. Also,
people bank with fake credit card, stolen credit cards, and whatever, which is actually
not only time consuming, but is also getting a lot of your attention and stressing you
out. From 10:00 to 12:00 AM, you optimize your ads, check the data from analytics and
work on new ads. From 12:00 to 1:00 PM, you bra– you’re figuring out some new ideas,
branching out to some influencers, maybe contacting them on Instagram, checking what country you
can schedule for the next few days, maybe checking out your buffer account, and that’s
it. 1:00 PM, you’re finished, you go for lunch and your work day is over. You can
go for lunch, you can network, you can spend time reading, spend time with your family
or spend time working on your craft like checking how to get better at converting pages. If
you have a worst traffic going to your to specific product but not enough sales compared
to other products, the conversion rate is not high enough or improving your sales funnels,
maybe improving your pitch. If you’re in the influencers or fitness niches where you provide
some free information before you pitch them with the real deal. Yo, I knew how you [00:04:48] you
just want to give some free tips and they still make us pay for something. What am I
making you pay for? Make sure you subscribe to this channel. I’m not selling anything.
But what I will be happy to is to give you useful information that you can apply in your
own day to day routine, some free tips that you can instantly act on. So make sure you
subscribe to this channel, give this video a like and hear that little bell notification
so you don’t miss out on any of future episodes because that’s how YouTube works. I need engagement
for this video to be out there. So what are the pros and cons, right? It’s-it’s always
good to evaluate things, the good and the bad, you know, plus, minus. So let’s start
with the pros. What are the pros? You spend a little bit of your profit as an investment
to buy out your own time and reinvest it back into things that you cannot delegate. For
most startups, this is scaling up your business. And you do that by leaving some day to day
activities, delegate it. And believe it or not, having more free time means that you
will make more conscious decision, you would weigh things in a very different way when
your stress free and your team members, the freelancers or employees you hire will probably
do a better job at customer support than you because you know how angry you are when these
clients spends four hours of your time, he doesn’t buy anything. And he’s asking you
what is Mozilla explorer? Or why is this refund not approved by PayPal when it’s PayPal who
he should be asking in the first place? And what are the cons, the negative, the minuses
of outsourcing? I can’t think of any. What-what’s so bad of outsourcing? Your stress free, you
have, you have more time for your family, more time for you, now you certainly have
time to read, now you suddenly have time to work out things that you did not have time
for before. Obviously to make room for enough revenue or enough ticket size of your business
to have a spare money to put in outsourcing, you have to have the right strategy and approach
when it comes to your business. So if you want to know more about that make sure you
comment down below and I’ll make sure this is featured in one of the next videos. But
again, your stress free, you have a lot less stress when you’re living day to day operations
and just think about strategies and how you can scale up your business and you have more
time to refine your sales skills. So how to outsource your SEO? That was the question
at the beginning of this video. Let me go on to my computer and show you. You check
it in link in the description down below. But to outsource some of your SEO work for
example but in the future videos, I’ll show you how to outsource actually other parts
of your business as well. You can type in ‘blog post’ and you can see a number of sellers
offering different services. I actually work this– I actually work with this guy Donovan
and her, ah, I talked about her in another video. He has really high quality articles.
He did 500 words for the same price as eye-catching, whatever as this seller but there are also,
yeah, for five bucks this is a pretty good option. With this guy, Donovan, that I hired,
he has a very good quality, he doesn’t really copy other people’s content, maybe he checks
some YouTube videos or surfing to figure out the ideas because I just gave him the keywords
he should work on. And what you can do with him is actually pay him, ah, for example,
four times multiple 20 bucks for 2,000 words but you can also negotiate with all of them.
I think she had a package for 10,000 words. But most of them you can negotiate so this
is one of the things you can outsource, it’s blog post. And the second thing you can outsource
is PBS and I talked about it in another video. You always have to make sure you are sorting,
ah, the offers out by best selling and the next thing you can check is web 2.0s. Oops, sorry.
What am I doing? Ah, this is like, this is– web 2.0  backlink. So again, you sort them
by best selling and you can see there’s “I will grow website ranking without,” no, this
guy doesn’t really have a lot of 10:04. You want to make sure this– the person you’re
choosing has a lot of feedback for web 2.0s. This guy has the most. I can see he has 16
feedback and he’s doing “I’ll create-create 20 web 2.0 links.” It’s 10 bucks. You’ll probably
spend like three, four hours or something making them yourself if you make them with
high quality. Obviously, you can bargain for the prices, make a, get a bargain for the
prices. But this is just another thing you can actually outsource and also you can do
on page as your own page optimization which is basically the SEO that you have on your
website, how keywords are structured and so on. But before that, you will want to order
a website audit to see because as we talked about, ah, in the SEO video that I had a cart
on, but you can also see it in my channel. First of all, you got to pick the right keywords.
If you don’t know where you’re going, you’re probably not gonna go there. You can’t really–
if you don’t know where you’re going, what are you going to write on the GPS? Nothing,
because you don’t know what, where you’re going. So you get an website audit with someone
or you check my guide and do it for free with, ah, ebooks, Ubersuggest or also I have a
free, ah, a paid-to in description down below to do keyword analysis. So there’s even packages
like this guy 560 bucks, it’s a bitter– bit on the higher end but 500 bucks is not that
much for SEO. But what he’s doing is on site, all the bad backlinks check. This is if you
were using bots before, competitors analysis for keywords and what they’re doing, create
and I also seeing what keywords like maybe a little bit initial keywords, longer tail
keywords. Like what longer tail keywords mean, ah, the words with more, um, key phrases with
more words, backlinks only from highest quality sites in the world. Um, the delivery time
is pretty nice. So he’s doing it for $56 a day. I’m a– I’m SEO expert. He’s from abroad,
he forgot the N. Yeah, he’s from Romania. So yeah, this is another service you might
like. But ultimately, outsourcing is something that every business needs to do at one point
if it decides to scale. If you want, if you’re just starting out and you don’t have the money
to outsource, you should not be ashamed. You’re actually in a very good position because you
get the most return on your investments when you don’t have seated cash, someone giving
you cash to start your own business. So if you’re in this position, please comment down
below and I’ll try to, um, come up with free ideas that you can do and execute as soon
as possible. I hope you like this episode. And if you stick to this po-point of the video,
you’re a real hero, and you should know that your comments in your feedback matters to
me so especially in the few, few hours but I always try to check the comment section
as frequently as possible during the day to reply to any questions you have business or
millennial questions. So make sure you comment them in the comment section down below and
I’ll try to reply as soon as possible. A video a day keeps the doctor away.

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