Set up your digital agency website for lead generation – how to sell a productised service

By | August 10, 2019

– Yo yo yo what up, I’m here
to ejaculate my knowledge, onto your face. I’ve come up with some ridiculous system, The Super Cool Dan Ray
Sell One Thing Core Content Piece Strategy, so
let’s shoot the fuck on. The idea of this is, a
lot of the people who are in DCWD they follow the general structure of what I’ve done. But, not, what’s probably
the most core foundational concepts of it, which is this whole core concept piece, right? A lot of you have probably researched me and seen my website. You know how this lays out, so it’s basically… I’ll explain that later. Essentially, it’s based around one thing, congruency and value. So, what is this core concept piece? It’s a piece that’s extreme detail. So what we’re talking about
here is, whatever it is you do, you do one thing, right? I want you to sell one thing. It’s possible to sell more
things from the same site, but the way that I like to do things is just one single thing. It is, if you are gonna
sell more than one thing, so if it’s more than link building… so my one thing is links, right? But, I also sell the occasional funnel. If you go to my website,
you’ll only see one of these things at a time, depending on what type of audience you are. So the general site is links,
but there is a sort of, enclosed funnel that’s
just about funnels as well. So you can go on, you’ll
see the same structure, that sells link building,
but that sells funnels. But you can’t access
that from the main site. So, keep things very,
very simple, and linear. It enables you to stand out a lot more, and stops you from being the
same as every other person who’s trying to be like, “a
full service agency,” right? Full service agencies don’t fucking exist. You can do one thing, and one
thing only, unless you hire, like loads and loads of
staff who are specialists. So, I think I’ve made
this one clear already. Sell one fucking thing, that’s it. Sell one thing well, and systemize it, then we can move on to sell other things. It’s just much, much easier to sell if you’ve only got one thing. And if you can systemize that
thing, sort of productize it, then it works as well. And, the one thing that you sell, this… you don’t really have
to abide by this one, but I like to just concentrate on the absolute basics, right? Link building is a four-step system. Create a piece of content
that’s worthy of links. It might not be content, it
might be a full, stand-alone website, it might be money, it might be… whatever you’re asset is; do,
create that one thing that’s interesting, funny,
might be controversial, whatever’s gonna get interest, right? Then you create a list of
people, who will find it interesting, funny, controversial, whatever that word you chose above was. From that point, you just
have to show it to them, and then follow up with them. There’s the four steps to link building. People try to over
complicate it, but that’s it, that’s the core basics. Do that well, and do it consistently. Make sure you’re a master of those things, then you can spread out. Once you’ve got that shit
all systemized and stuff, you can spread out and do other things. And, this is something that I… I wasn’t sure whether I was
gonna put it in this video, because it’s a little bit… Some people feel it
really, really strongly, and some people don’t, I think
that’s a reflection on our society as it is at the moment. You’re really, really scared
to put yourselves out there. Like scared of rejection,
scared of, I don’t know what you think is gonna happen,
but putting your address on your website; some people
don’t want to do that. Putting a picture of yourself,
speaking in your own words, like, basically you’ll go out and copy somebody else’s words, and
again, congruency is key. And, it’s not congruent if
you’re stealing my words, and then, someone’s gonna call you, and speak to you on the phone. You can’t be me. Simple as that. No one’s gonna bite your dick off. Or, because we live in the
status that we live in, or your tits. Because, how would I ever,
ever, ever assume your gender? I think that pretty
much, is that side done. Right, the piece itself, is written in absolute extreme detail. I’m talking, this is
the type of thing that, I go to absolute of detail. I take every single little
thing that I’ll potentially do. As soon as they give me
money, this is what the fuck I’m gonna do for ya, right? Every step of the way. The idea is, that I have, is
to do it in a sort of DIY way, so if they really, really want
you to, they could take what I’m gonna do for them, and do it themself. And the idea is that,
if they can’t be asked, I’m there to do it for them. It’s like, oh here’s how to do this thing, I’m more experienced than you at it. But, if you really want, you
can go out and do it yourself, you could try it for a little
while, if it doesn’t work, give me the money and I’ll do it for you. The piece also answers every single possible question they have. If it doesn’t, and somebody asks you a question you don’t have, answer the question on the piece, and just send them back to it. So, it’s sort of like, a
self-fulfilling funnel, right? So, you have a piece of
content, they have a question. They ask a question, and
you just send, you answer it on the core piece, and then send them back to the core piece. They ask another question, you answer it and send them back. So, really they’re just
reading the same piece, over, and over, and over again. Building trust in you. And, the key to this is,
that is value driven. You’re not really creating,
while it is a sales piece; because, you want people
to contact you based on it, it’s not sales focused. So, you’re saying, “Here’s what I will do
once you give me money.” It’s not begging for money,
it’s not asking for it, you’re saying, “If you want this thing, exactly as it’s laid out
here, I can do it for you, and here’s the price.” So, we’re not asking for the sale. This sets you apart as an expert. Every single website in the
world, except for a very, very few exceptions, they
just want your money, right? And it’s very obvious,
it’s a huge industry. Conversion right, itemization, copyright, and stuff like that. Because, every website
needs to make sales. If you perform this sort of
piece, you stand out because you’re putting yourself, you’re
saying, “I don’t need you, but if you need this
service, come and get it. Here’s where it is, and
here’s the price for it.” This positions you better, as… you just really know what you’re talking, you’re not coming from a scarcity mindset, you’re abundant, right? And these things are fucking huge. These two things: position
yourself as an expert, and position yourself as a
person coming from abundance, rather than scarcity, are fucking enormous in your prospect’s mind. The next thing, is personality. My personality, bit of a
dick, complete asshole. That’s what some of you say, right? And this comes through in my sales copy. I write the same way that I would speak. And, this is why, when… Some of you do straight
rip off my content. So, you’ll go into my
website, copy it exactly, even using my images, my
Google docs, my links, and, that’s well and good,
you might get a few sales in here and there. But, if you speak to somebody,
or you ever meet your prospect in person; perhaps
you do a YouTube video, which we’ll talk about later, it’s just not gonna look congruent. And congruency is fucking key. Look at how congruency,
here, is written bigger than the actual title of the video. That shows you how important
I think this thing is. Make sure you’re congruent
at all stages of this. And, I would, I was gonna
go into sort of like, the whole funnel, the way
I use the core content, but, I’ve done that before. Both in the free group, I
did an over-the-shoulder creation of this sort of funnel in DCWD. Check that out at (laughs) Yeah so, just in case you wanna join that. forward slash, what is it? DCWD, that’s my monthly membership. If you’ve never seen it
before, check that shit out. Okay, so, once you have
this core content piece, most of the job is done for you. Simply then, you just have
to send traffic through. So, we can send traffic in many,
many different ways, right? I’m not gonna go into the
specifics of each one, because there’s just so
many ways to get traffic. You can buy it, you know,
Facebook has Adwords, you can not buy it on Facebook,
so create yourself a group, build an audience who
might be interested in it, and then send them into
your stuff, like I’m doing right now with you guys for DCWD. Organic traffic, this content
piece, because it’s so long and detailed, it usually
ranks us some sort of stuff. I recommend, I’m not sure
if this is in the video, but I recommend stuff like,
rather than SEO leads, for example, which the only
people who rank for that, or who try to rank for
that, are other SEOs, they’re the only people
who search for it, too. So when it has, like, 500
surges per month, you think, that’s quite good, isn’t it? Good number of searches,
convert one percent, getting a good number of clients. Nah, the only people who type
this in are other SEOs to see who is the SEO who leads,
the number one guy. I’ve ranked number one for
this, I’ve tried to maintain it, it’s hard work, and fucking
pointless, cause, it’s just a fucking wank fest. People are just, congratulating themselves on ranking for it. So, I prefer to rank for
things like, Freelance SEO Consultant, Freelance Link Builder, can you see a really obvious trend, here? Freelance Link builder,
Local SEO Consultant, slash Expert, things like this. People who type these things
in, are actually gonna buy stuff from you, people who type that in, they fucking aren’t, just straight up, it’s other SEOs looking for it. Cold email, really effective, don’t need to tell you about that. May need to send a fuck-load
before you get a client, but it’s just a numbers game,
keep sending people to here. Wherever the traffic is, send
them here, send them here, send them here. And then they’re stuck
in this little funnel, we’ll talk about re-target in a minute. In person, this is something
that people don’t do, right? So, I meet people in person,
they ask me what I do, I tell them, “Yeah, I’m a Link Builder, blah, blah, blah, bullshit.” But, I set up a really quick,
depending on what your website is, if it’s memorable, mine isn’t, so I set up a quick little small domain, like a shorter domain,
and send people there. I think if you type in
penguin, like if you do emojis, if you do a penguin, bacon
dot wus; it’s either penguin, bacon, or bacon, penguin dot
wus, and you’ll see my site. Okay, so you send this traffic here, to your core content piece. Which is what we’ve been talking about. It’s not, it can be the
only piece on your site, I have like an introduction
page, and then this is a page called “exactly what I do.” Which is really effective. But, you can have sort of,
like, backup blog posts, you know the rest of your site. Remember, it all just
has to remain congruent. All of this just adds to
your expert status, right? And then, after you’ve sent this traffic to this content piece, you re-target them. So, everybody who visits
this, and doesn’t view it, so you go, what I do, is I
recreate this on a separate URL, that’s not indexed by Google. So they’re seeing the same piece again. People who view this piece,
and then the other piece, they’re forwarded to,
by re-targeting again, to another case study. So you have two versions of
this, one indexed in Google, that’s on your site, one here,
then one that’s not indexed. Just for re-targeting. So, if people view this
piece, they’re definitely interested, cause they’ve seen this piece, and then this piece. So, you send them a case
study, or, a testimonial, or, ideally both. So, you want a video testimonial,
and a little case study of doing it, and you just
repeat this five times. So, five case studies, five testimonials, and that’s pretty much my entire funnel. If they don’t, if they’re
not interested after seeing seven pieces of your content,
they’re definitely not gonna buy from you. But, but, but, but, we also email them. So, what I do is, just sort of, I don’t really like doing this, but, to take advantage
of scarcity mindset, which is a huge fucking revenue driver, I say, you know, “I only take
on, if you saw my ‘pricing your services’ video, you’ll
see that I can only take on nine clients at a time.” Right now I have zero, by the way. What I then do, is say, “I
have one spot open, or two spots open,” however many spots are open. “But I’m also having the
waiting list, so if you want to be one of the ones
considered, fill out this form.” It adds them to an auto-responder and I email them regularly,
with just sort of, like, value driven emails. Send them to, other pieces of
content, so my YouTube videos, blog posts on this site, so
I’m taking people from my actual business sites, and my
training stuff which is here. Because, generally, if I’m
not gonna take them on, I want them to at least,
sort of buy my Link-Building System, and then, you know,
implement it in-house and stuff. That’s a better result for
me, cause I’d rather have the one-off payment. This builds trust, and gets
them back into the ecosystem. So, all of these things,
every now and again, they’re sending them
back to the core content, and straight back into the funnel. That’s just simply how it works. And, it’s very, very effective. So, that’s, ladies and
gentlemen, dicks and tits; this is why people
don’t take me seriously, the Super Cool Dan Ray Sell One Thing, Core Content Piece Strategy. Boom!

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