SerpStat Review – My Favorite Free & Paid SEO Keyword Research Tools Perfect For Beginners

By | August 11, 2019

In this video that I talked about my favorite
SEO keyword tool which just happened to be back on AppSumo I bought it a year ago and
I’m going to share with you a free tool at the end of the video to identify keywords
that you could use to grow the SEO traffic on your website hi my name is Adam from
where I make WordPress tutorial videos and I do some AppSumo reviews for non-tech if
you’re new here consider clicking on the subscribe button click on the bill if you don’t want
to miss a thing let’s just jump right on into it this is my favorite SEO tools if you are
familiar with SEO tools you know they all carry a pretty hefty monthly fee let’s take
a look at one of the most popular SEO tools and let’s just take a look at how much it
costs it’s SEMRush this isn’t the deal were talking about this is not my favorite is the
O’Toole but I just wanted to show you we got SEMRush let’s take a look at the prices and
you can see the least expensive plan is $100 per month and it’s worth every single penny
but hundred dollars a month is a lot of money for a lot lot of people that’s that’s going
to be kind of a budget buster so what I’m talking about is this right here it’s a SerpStat
you can go there right now SERPstat I never thought this would happen
but AppSumo got them to agree to a deal to bring their service and back to AppSumo for
a second round and I bought this last year I looked up my receipts actually here let
me show you here’s the back end of my AppSumo account when I scroll down the very bottom
here you can see this is when I bought it lifetime access to SerpStat and I bought this
February 2017 I’ve been using this thing for year a lot of people been using this thing
for year and it’s been amazing it is that is just so solid I mean this was like the
deal last year this was the SEO tool of SEO tools that ever came to AppSumo and it was
one of those tools were people were just wanting to come back I thought this would never come
back and the reason is there’s a lot of costs involved for these SEO tool companies that
have people on their platform they’re constantly retrieving data from the their databases is
not cheap for them and so I’m actually kind of floored by the fact that they brought this
deal back let’s just talk about a couple of the limitations real quick I went to show
you the tool and then we’ll get into a cry give you little bit keyword SEO basics for
your website and then I will jump in to that free keyword tool that you should consider
adding to your browser if you use chrome okay SerpStat it’s only 39 but I thought I paid
49 last I looked at my receipt was actually $39 you let me get right on into the limitation
right off the bat it’s all of these SEL tools have their own databases and they have databases
for certain countries if you’re in a country and you want keyword data and they don’t have
a database for your kind SOL on this deal and unless they added but the deal is just
for the databases that are available today here are a list of those databases US UK and
a bunch of others we got Canada and their Australia Germany we got Francis we’ve got
Italy there’s a bunch of countries in there but sadly it does not cover every single country
so that’s going to be a problem I just want to let you know right up front in this video
that these are the databases that are currently available what this is as if I want to do
some keyword research for a particular keyword but before US the US version of Google then
I would use the US one but if I wanted to do it for the UK I would use the UK database
that’s all that that means some adjust blast through some of the line items here they’ll
analyze the tool analyzes URLs if there is some API access and there’s something interesting
to show you about that in a moment you can check on your competitors you can pop their
domain in and see the keywords that their ranking for you can check the backlinks that
they’re getting so you could know where that you could go and get some back plaintiff that
is what you wanted there is a website auditing work will scan your website and give you a
bunch of suggestions updates to the databases now all of these tools have limitations that’s
why they have different pricing tiers so when I showed you the plans over at SEMRush if
you’re familiar with SEMRush just so you know the interface of using search that is good
to be very very similar so it’s similar to this very premium service right here even
this has limitations so don’t let the limitations be a deterrent so you can do about 300 queries
per day that’s pretty good and okay so as can let you know keywords are specific position
tracking which is really good and there’s backlink analysis etc. right so actually I
don’t think my plan included keyword cut clustering interesting okay so to visit the VP
SerpStat now let’s go ahead and I’m sure some interesting and then I’m in a show you the
actual tool this is a tool that I hear in the AppSumo Facebook group will most likely
be coming to AppSumo soon I don’t know when and what this is is a reporting tool that
can pull in data from different tools so one of those tools if we scroll down here is SerpStat
it’s right here so you can have this be this is like a reporting tool like a KPI data dashboard
so you can look at this to see this the stats and the health of your websites not held as
far as is it breaking but is it growing that the marketing KPIs okay this will link into
your analytics and your search console and SerpStat and other tools they’re saying it’s
also good new link into some of the other tools that you seen on AppSumo they have a
webinar coming up for that I just wanted to pointed out that SerpStat is now good start
to be maybe integrated in some third-party tools which I think is pretty amazing I can’t
wait let’s just here let me do a demo use you can see kind of what a dashboard looks
like I know for me that I’m I’m getting this the minute it comes out so you can have a
page open that looks like this so you can glance at it and easily see how things are
going before your website in the particular date range. That you have it pulling information from
so I’m actually very much looking forward to that I’ll be all over that so here’s SerpStat’s
website they are the real deal come to their website you can tell if you’re familiar with
SEMRush the interfaces can be very much the same I’ll show you that here in a moments
even at it this is totally site point if you look on their blog they did a blog post a
year ago about how their AppSumo did a year ago that they how many licenses they sold
how was it would just sold out they limited it to the certain amount of licenses they
were going to sell in they sold it so quick so this is definitely a deal to jump on you
probably do search on that if that interest you so here’s the plan that you’re pretty
much getting plus there is I think a couple extras with that you’re getting plan a right
here which normally is 19 bucks a month and there’s a diSEOunt if you paid for three years
in that lists out the same limitations or not limitations caps they do have other plans
that have different caps if you ended up needing more but I’ll tell you that the capsid this
has actually quite perfect and fine for the vast majority of people now if your big SEO
agency you’re probably going to hit these caps so you know it is what it is so anyways
I went ahead and took a keyword phrase online guitar lessons right there and I use that
in the tool to show you some of the interface and the results he gave me when I did I entered
that and the point being is anyone that has a website should be paying attention in trying
to identify the right keywords for their product and service to make it easier for Google to
show your website when people are looking for what you have and this is the number one
SEO mistake that people make all the time as they don’t even know the keywords that
people are typing in so they’re not optimizing their content for these keyword phrases guys
I would tell you SEO’s a lot easier than some people make it out to be for the vast majority
of SEO situations there’s just a few steps number one you have to find your core or your
your seed keyword or phrase in this case it would be online guitar lessons then number
two you need to identify the longer tail versions or variations of that an example would be
online guitar lessons for beginners online guitar lessons for kids online guitar lessons
XYZ and there’s there’s other variations of incentive lessons that would be lesson you
identify related a longer tail keyword phrases then you start creating a bit of content and
you use those longer tell keyword phrases in the article you use it in the headlines
a different age tags in the content you tailor your content around that you come up with
a title that’s gonna get someone to want to click but it also has those keyword phrases
in it SEO isn’t as complicated as people make it out to be now of course if you’re in a
competitive niche you’re going to need to probably put in a little bit of effort and
this is what I call the sky sky don’t call actually let me backtrack on that I can come
up with this is called the sky Street escape or the sky scraper strategy tongue twister
there the sky scraper strategy is simple you find the website that has the content that
is ranking for your keyword you look at it and see why is it ranking for that a lot of
times they probably just have a very well-written article that has a seed keyword and they’ve
expanded on it with these longer telltale keyword phrases and then all you have to do
is create a longer article and a better article try to make it maybe 1940 words if you remember
in SEO video I released last month as that being kind of the sweet spot of how long you
want to make your blog posts then you once you do that to find out where they had their
back links and then contact those webmasters and say hey I have also written an article
on this topic I would invite you did to take a look at it and maybe add a back link because
to your article because it will further add value to what you’ve written linking to my
website and for those types of things that’s why you’d use an outreach tool like Lemlist
or mail shake or something along those lines these outreach tools and that’s pretty much
it guys I mean is not much more complicated and that obviously certain keyword phrases
see keyword phrases going to be a whole heck of a lot more competitive than others and
you’re going to have to put a little bit more effort and some of those more competitive
ones but I find that for the vast majority of people the keywords that they should be
going after it is a little bit of competition but it’s not like you something that you can’t
compete at yourself okay so here’s the tool I have logged in and remember I said the interface
is going to be very much similar to SEO rush it is where you have your various options
here on the left here on the right you have the results of the search that you put in
so right here what I did is I started with keyword research I’m not gonna get into every
single one of these because this is a pretty deep tool and it’s actually a suite of tools
so what I did is I popped in the keyword phrase online guitar lessons and then as we start
scrolling down here we get lots of different information about this keyword phrase so we
get some of the most obvious keyword very variations of this keyword which is just changing
the order of the words that is also something to pay attention to but right here also getting
the volume of those searches and CPC is the cost per click per click for people that use
this keyword phrase in the paper click advertising that your average kind of a cost per click
right there and right here off to the right you see the actual keyword phrases that people
are paying for and you see them right there as well so you can see the different variations
of most of these are already predictable if your use of keyword research which is flipping
around the words may be making one plural or singular or adding the word best in front
of but you click on show all and see all these different various organic keywords you can
see the interest in this keyword over time you can see which is pretty important the
difficulty of ranking this particular keyword but this is where you do first you do some
research on your seed keyword and then use that to identify some longer tell versions
then you plug in your longer tell versions into the tool to see what the competition
is like for those so right off the bat I might not be able to just throw up a well written
article in rank for online guitar lessons but I could probably ring for maybe five or
six different longtail keywords in one article rank for those in it so it’s just a matter
of finding those right longer tell keyword phrases and look at the look at the traffic
or the the amount of searches coming to those keywords and then just ask yourself is the
juice worth the squeeze okay so here’s the keyword research and there’s all of these
different options for it right here you can also just put a domain into start doing keyword
research off of an existing domain and it will pull out keyword phrases that are related
to that domain and I’ll be the first to say I don’t think it’s me I think it’s everybody
sometimes were in this little echo chamber bubble where it’s hard for us to see what
keyword phrases people actually enter in and that’s one of the crucial reasons why it’s
good to have access to a tool like this alright so here is another tab this one I did a URL
analysis so I took the URL of the number one non-paid result which is right here this guitar obviously they’ve got a really nice domain name there so we can see the organic
keywords that the website is ranking for you can see one of the things here’s free guitar
lessons a lot of people are entering that as well you can look at their keyword position
distribution so right here I’m seeing that they have 19 keywords that are ranking number
one in Google when people search and you can see this distribution and click on this to
see those keyword phrases and here you can see the competitors to this website so it’s
going to tell you those in here is the missing keywords this is actually a very interesting
thing these are keyword phrases that are related to this competitor URL but there actually
related to their competitors kinda hard to explain so these are keyword phrases that
maybe this website didn’t take into consideration but there are also keyword phrases that its
competitors are taking into consideration like video guitar lessons I think that’s were
actually pretty good free beginner guitar lesson see that’s a longer phrase keyword
right there free guitar lessons for beginners see how these are keyword phrases that are
longer than the CP word that we might not right off the bat think of that people are
actually entering in of course you can see the diminishing amount of search traffic to
these particular keywords but that also means it’s easy to get easier to get those eyeballs
you do enough of that you will have your website become an authority and you will start ranking
are having a greater chance of ranking for that seed keyword phrase which was online
guitar lessons this is just SEO 101 guy’s okay and then lastly what’d I do here I popped
the URL to that website into the back link dashboard this right here is pretty interesting
because if you do have an outreach tool it’s just a matter of going to the same places
that they’re getting bank links from say their articles around a poster something like that
reaching out to them and seeing if they will include a link to your article in those various
round up posts and so you can scroll here in C build back links where they’re coming
from the websites the anchor text that they’re using this is the text that is the actual
hyperlink you can see those all right here so anyways this is SerpStat obviously I didn’t
go into deep deep deep detail because this tool is very deep and it’s feature said lastly
I wanted to share with you a tool that is free you can add it if you use the Google
Chrome web browser I’ve been seeing this popped up for the last several months by lots of
different people and it’s called keywords everywhere and essentially what this is it’s
really neat it’s a free Chrome browser extension you link it in and wherever there’s keyword
phrases it will just tell you what the Google traffic is and that cost per click let’s see
if they have some screenshots here at and even go here for it I don’t have this on the
browser right now because we be seen all that and videos and stuff like that so let’s see
if there is some screenshots actually you can get it for Firefox as well looks like
okay so here’s for Google I’m sure it’s going to show me how to get there it is so you just
use keyword search keyword phrases wherever you go right your searching on Google you’re
searching on Amazon your searching on all these various websites that you go to and
it’s going to tell you the Google numbers for those phrases were ever it finds keywords
it’s insane what this tool does it’s very insane that it’s actually free so in this
screenshot you can see someone types keyword tool and then now there’s this new bit of
text underneath it that shows the volume that’s even get some additional let’s see there’s
and it works with other tools like yours in a example of a tool I forget the name of its
this I should make a video on this but this also generates longer tell keyword phrases
but in a different way different methodology it also adds the search volume to that so
this even works with keyword tools it’s pretty crazy so anyways this is key words everywhere
I don’t know the limitations of it but it is absolutely free it’s a great tool I should
have it on this chrome browser but it would interfere with my various videos so you have
that there if you want to check out SerpStat my link for it is that’s
an affiliate link when you click on it what that means is a small portion of your purchase
if you do purchase it comes back here to support the channel that’s the only way I can stay
be able to make videos like this of you want to support the channel go ahead and do that
it doesn’t cost anything additional in every little bill goes to help this channel stay
thriving the way that it has been so this is SerpStat I wonder what keyword tools you
use and I’m sure a lot of the folks that are gonna watch this video I already have SerpStat
from last year there’s a lively discussion going on in EWB crafter Facebook group about
this people saying there great experience that they have had using SerpStat you just
can’t beat this deal I mean this is just a no-brainer deal I’m honestly surprised they
brought it back for the same price of $39 this should have been 49 or more but they
did this this is great what tools do you use let me know in the comments section down below
also what has your experience been with search that add that to the comment section down
hello thanks for watching this video see in the next one

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