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By | August 13, 2019

we landed but there’s like, no one here. we have no idea why… good morning, so I’m in my grandma’s house the light is very blinding. please forgive me for that. and I also woke up with a giant zit so there is that.. cheers to seoul pollution these are avocados that my grandma planted from seeds! it’s been two years [seo’s mom in korean]
since those are rectangular, pick something different i finally found the knock-off mildliners! i’m gonna buy these two I told my mom I wanted to have a coffee but this is what we found in the elevator. someone left their coffee! [in korean] salt coffee and condensed milk coffee
[in english] so, condensed milk and salt coffee we went to go buy this and then we came back to see that the elevator was clean one thing that’s different about korea is that they don’t really have a water dispenser you put your cup and drink water from these bottles and pour your own water like this in my house, we just have the water dispenser straight from the refrigerator, but here, this is how you drink water one thing that’s different about korea is that in america, pedestrians have right of way but here, cars usually don’t stop for you even you cross the street. maybe this is just a city thing but i almost got run over by a car!! sooooooooo we’re gonna go look for someplace to eat. we don’t really know what we’re doing. that’s okay we’re gonna go to the tourist center and see if we can find any more information so, we’re at a [in korean] what is this place called? seo’s mom: uh, honkatsu seo: honkatsu??
[fyi: i didn’t believe her and looked over to check the sign LOL] but anyways, we’re here and we just came because we were really hungry and this was the first place that we saw and uh, yeah, apparently it’s popular?? supposedly?? they have a banana sauce and honestly, I think that’s so nasty [music]

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  1. that dancer Post author

    im a simple person,
    i see the notification that Seo has posted,
    i press on it.

    I love your work SEOOOOOOOO muchhh❤️we have the same glasses btw😂

  2. ixeana Post author

    i love ur vids! their so aestethic ! first time being early !

  3. Hera Adriana Consunji Post author


  4. Jasmine Post author

    I’m.. going to let this pun slide Seo… since ily you Seo much 🙂 hope everything is well!!

  5. introvert Post author

    Yass queen the productive godess has posted <3

  6. Isabelle Wong Post author

    I love how much effort and love you put into all your videos. Have a great summer!!!

  7. • wisteria • Post author

    I was just thinking, "I hope seo uploads soon" since I've been rewatching all of your vids since your last video so I was so happy to see you posted. (^ω^)

    I'm happy you had a lovely time in Korea. I've been wanting to go myself as well, actually haha. (ღ˘ω˘ღ)

  8. Mina Post author

    ohhhh amazing as always sweet SEO ! love you from Algeria 😍😉 KEEP THAT

  9. Flower on Discord Post author

    I need to know how you edit your vids. ö please teach me

  10. The Evergreen Soul Post author

    This video is so aesthetic 😍 ahh I love it! I hope you’re having the best time in Korea! I’m also excited to see more travel vlogs✨💫🧡

  11. hope couffee Post author

    seo(ul) vlogs is where u find the soul seo that seems to be in seoul !!! THE SEOUL OF SEO'S SOUL OR IS IT THE SOUL OF SEO'S SEOUL?!?

  12. Pastel mlk Post author

    I love your videos so much! You are such an inspiration lol

  13. pat_scan_q - Post author

    I totally expected you to use that joke, but I still laughed 😹

  14. Clara T Post author

    Wow I can't believe they named a whole city after you!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Melanie Badia Post author

    this video is so cute oml!🥺💖💖how much did u pay for the flight tickets to korea?

  16. Multi Youtube Bangla Post author

    I don't know why you don't show your face on thumbnail!

  17. sunmigf -_- Post author

    I only woke up early cause i got your notifications

  18. sreeprada ganti Post author

    loved the video!
    also BT21 stationery at 5:57 is so cute omfg
    also more at 9:16 and 9:23 lol

  19. azuhra budi darma Post author

    I love your Vidio😊😊😊😇😇❤❤❤💜

  20. Eggyollk Post author

    Thank you Seo for taking your time to edit videos for us! Love ya!

  21. sarvjeet goyat Post author

    If I ever went to Korea I would come back home broke because I would spend all my money on bt21 store

  22. mangopeach. Post author

    please tell me how to be so cute and smart like you?

  23. Ina Louise Post author

    SO early! Seoul is such a beautiful city and I REALLY want to move there to teach English! ㅠㅠ

  24. VelindaSo Post author

    loving it ! Can't believe you get to go to Line Friends and Kakao Friends ! Jealousy!

  25. Eunice Lee Post author

    Omg I'm also in Seoul (because of family). I hope you're having fun!!!

  26. tbh keenan Post author

    I’ve been to the same airport as you! I actually live in the same area as you too

  27. sumayya Post author

    korea would make me so broke bc of the amount of apeach stuff i would buy

  28. Elisa K. Post author

    this video is so nice <3
    Just a question: I want to travel to Seoul but I'm kind of limited to when I can go because of my job at school. What are the top places to visit and how much time should you spend in Seoul minimum to actually see stuff?

  29. ashley wilson Post author

    the amount of couples walking around is funny to me idk why

  30. Maja Przybysz Post author

    Seo pls do a haul including things you bought in korea🥰love your vids, you’re a true inspiration

  31. yewxie Post author

    bubble is so cute omg… also the flower cafe was so pretty!! i wish they had those in america ;-;

  32. Lauren Melugin Post author

    "say no to kids, drugs" xD im dyingggg ( 8:13 )

  33. ohshestudies Post author

    “Seo-ul” I’m crying omg an amazing pun

  34. ohshestudies Post author

    Also 9:30 it’s okay jskskxos I didn’t know that either..I thought BT21 was another group lmaooo

  35. Biell Morning Star Post author

    there's a lot of great places and cafe is seoul i wish i could go

  36. leg elbow Post author

    Every time i see how easily accessible merchandise or character themed stuff is in asian countries I cry a little inside

  37. izibelles Post author

    i'll be in korea in a few weeks, so this def helps me gauge prices for some stationery bc You Know i'm gonna be spendin $$$ LOL cute vlog as always !!!

  38. CircleDuck Post author

    Your videos are so aesthetic and chill, always put me in a great mood!

  39. Latitude Brown Post author

    wow ive been following you for so long that i remember when you last got new glasses?

  40. I T Z Y. Post author

    hope you enjoyed your time in Seoul, Seo!! Please make a haul of the things you get while your there (if you can)

  41. Francesca Osborn Post author

    omg asiana airlines has the best airplane food

  42. Emma Louise Post author

    seo please please make more seoul vlogs!! they’re very useful for planning my upcoming trip in august 🥰

  43. beansprout콩나물 Post author

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  44. CommanderMelissa Post author

    "fridge doesn't have water dispenser" man I wish I was rich enough to have a fridge with water coming out of it. Having a jug of water in the fridge is pretty standard where I live (Australia).

  45. mc chicken Post author

    this was so cute and super relaxing to watch, i loved it <3

  46. Sherman Chan Post author

    Milk Coca is one of my fav shops! Their clothes r so elegant and pretty~

  47. Shruthi Sivakumar Post author


  48. Ben Wheeler Post author

    ur editing keeps getting better and better !! thx for putting sm time into videos for us !!

  49. maybe its alieya Post author

    can we get a tattoo reveal? please?

    wait is that even a thing? “tattoo reveal”? lmao

  50. hjncnka Post author

    7:33 yes that's Twice! lol! It's funny, but strangely effective, how a picture (or a few thousand) of a celebrity/idol outside of a store brings in the customers!

  51. Candido Jose Caleza Post author

    Hope you can come and visit Philippines

  52. Roaming Roomies Post author

    Great video, I loved the editing! I hope you had a good time. We just got back from traveling around Europe and we've been documenting our travel adventures. We'd love it if you could check it out!

  53. Josephine Reyes Post author

    I miss Korea!

    My mom and I almost got ran over too but motorcycles and cars… ugh!

  54. Lex Study Post author

    It was mouthwatering just looking at all of those goodies at Daiso and Olive Young 😍 I'm rooting for a huge HAUL of what you bought in Korea!! Oh and thank you for always being so gracious and polite in each video, it's nice to see that good manners haven't died yet 😊😊

  55. thuthuthu Post author

    the way ur voice gets deep when you speak korean! it’s so cute. hope u have fun in korea! i’d love to go there myself someday

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  57. Chaneylovesfangirling Post author

    Haikyuu is my eternal phase lol
    (Love the video btw ♡♡♡)

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    i find the spilled coffee in the elevator funny, idk why

  59. llama_1314 GLVS Post author

    seo just went to the same diaso i went in june… i feel so honoured to have set foot in a place where seo has went AND the same art box!! i can't believe thissssssss

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    this was rly calming to watch :D❣️❣️

  61. Francesca Osborn Post author

    just wondering what do you use to edit your videos?

  62. xEmpty.Abyssx Post author

    Love the fact that you can watch dramas and listen to kpop without subs.
    It makes me wonder though if there is a whole group of people in the other side of the world that like latin american soap operas.
    I'm sure tv shows from the states are popular but how about "telenovelas"

  63. Emily Choi Post author

    Im in Korea as well! Im staying in Daejon with my aunt:) Getting new glasses in korea was a top priority cuz thr prices are so good. I hope your enjoying your stay!!

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  68. Chloe Wright Post author

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  69. Headphonetiger Post author

    The pedestrian thing isn't unique to cities in Asia. I went to a more rural area and crossing the street was impossible!
    And the water thing is all of Asia, so if any of y'all are thinking of going, be prepared for the most disgusting tap water ever


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